Exploring the latest technology that makes an impact, transforms business and really makes a difference is fundamentally important for any business seeking to stay ahead of the pack. Here are some of the innovations that we have discovered and we think they really can make a difference.


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Backed by the largest Japanese investment bank and one of the largest in the world, SoftBank Robotics North America leverages the latest robotics, artificial intelligence, and technology to produce solutions to change and progress our future. 

From Pepper the Robot to delivery bots, and to Whiz - an autonomous vacuum cleaner that takes on menial tasks, drives efficiency, cleans better for safer environments, buildings and consumer confidence, whether at work, in care, hospitals, at school, or at play, stadiums and retail.

Check out the following video to see Whiz in action.

"The power of robotics to benefit humanity"


Mashgin is the worlds fastest touchless, computer vision, artificial intelligence point of sale technology on the market today. 

In todays world where hygiene, safety and speed are of paramount importance to the consumer, Mashgin technology adds the ability to reduce lines, drive customer traffic, speed, and convenience, and through expanding day parts drive additional revenues.

Using the same technology as autonomous vehicles, Mashgin recognizes each unique item and calls up the transaction, customer pays, and in the blink of an eye completes the purchases with only touching their selected food items and their method of payment.

"Safety, speed, convenient consumer solutions that drive revenue"


MyFieldAudits: You’re wondering if your teams are truly delivering quality. Inspections and quality checks are missed. Information is scattered and communicated across inconsistent channels, and there’s little to no way to address issues (if they even come to light). 


MyFieldAudits puts all your quality, safety and regulatory checks in ONE place - making it easy to manage multiple facilities and ensuring everyone owns quality. With MyFieldAudits, your teams know what’s expected, have accountability and the tools to deliver. Simple, impactful results mean less time chasing information so you can focus on the things that matter


“The tools and accountability to help everyone own quality”


HubSpot has all the tools and integrations you need for marketing, sales, content management, and customer service. Each product in the platform is powerful alone, but the real magic happens when you use them together.

We like HubSpot mostly for its ease of use, and therefore the opportunities to drive adoption right across your organization. The visibility it provides to sales and marketing activity, and to driving pipeline, conversion, and business growth, fits hand in glove with 4xi's own TRUE NORTH methodology and the science behind growth.

“HubSpot is the CRM platform your whole business will love!”


Zan Compute provides Zanitor, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based facility maintenance platform with advanced sensing and machine learning that better suits the needs of property owners, managers, service providers and occupants.


Zan’s solution is a mobile/cloud-based solution that focuses on automating the custodial process through AI. The platform allows facility managers and building service providers to track real time cleaning incidents and maintain quality of service in an easy, efficient and cost-effective manner.

“AI Future, No Buildings Left Behind.”


Lead Forensics transforms your website into a sales leads platform analyzing and tracking your visitors, who they are, where they come from, what they look at, and for how long. The insights provided on the platform allow businesses to really ignite their sales funnel and to focus on what's hot.

A simple process allows Lead Forensics to tag each page of your website to be able to analyze, connect, and engage with the content that is really important to your customers, and therefore for your growth team to optimize their interactions. In addition to the core platform, there is a broad range of tools and functionality that allows you to see more than ever before.

“Ready to transform your sales funnel”


Farmshelf builds smart indoor farms that enable you to grow leafy greens, herbs, and flowering crops where you live, work, and eat.


These bookcase-sized smart, indoor farms are small enough to fit into a restaurant and powerful enough to provide pounds of fresh produce every week.


Farmshelf brings the outdoors inside and grows food 2-3 times faster than conventional farming, using 90 percent less water. By enabling you to harvest just what’s needed, Farmshelf eliminates packaging and food waste and showcases your commitment to sustainability. 

“Grow where you are”


"Our Strength is in the Power of our Collective"

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