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We discovered a range of solutions and services that impact the workplace and the ability to make a difference. We think these organizations add value and we hope that you do too.

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RSM Facility Solutions
Ignite Your Service


Vivreau has been at the forefront of innovation in water sustainability for more than 30 years. Replacing single-serve bottled water with Vivreau on-site bottling systems, reusable glass bottles, and self-serve dispensers have helped hundreds of clients become more environmentally responsible. 


Stylish mains-fed dispensers provide great-tasting, filtered drinking water to keep employees and customers hydrated and healthy. Vivreau is ideal for offices, healthcare, and hospitality environments.

Vivreau - changing the way you drink water, sustainably.

Targeting the business concept


Founded in 1989, Strategic Sales & Marketing Inc. has generated over 3 million B2B sales leads with major account lead generation services and appointment setting programs targeted to those companies with often complex B2B products.

  • Senior-level decision-makers

  • Long sales cycles, often large deal sizes

  • Opportunities that require multiple touchpoints

  • Solutions based, ROI propositions


SMS's B2B lead generation services are the top B2B lead generation company in North America and 4xi is proud to partner with them.

Business holding virtual shopping cart


OPTIMBUY is an industry leading procurement firm offering consulting services that review your current business spend, analyze opportunities, and support your business to realize savings - often without the change of supply chain partners or products.

Specializing in supply chain management initiatives in Food Service and Hospitality procurement: food, beverage, paper & disposables, cleaning products, small wares, and equipment.  OPTIMBUY clients typically purchase between $15 to $200 million annually, and realize savings of between 3% and 9%+.


"Optimize your company purchasing  power, today."

Moneypenny 4xi


Moneypenny’s reputation for high-quality call and chat handling provision makes them the leading provider to businesses and organizations across all industries.


By truly reflecting how you want to speak to callers and website visitors, your dedicated Moneypenny Receptionists will quickly become a seamless extension of your business. On hand 24/7, their can-do attitude and attention to detail deliver outstanding service to your customers and staff and can represent significant cost savings.

"Seamless support for your calls and live chat from the leading virtual receptionist provider"

Social Sales Link Laptop


LinkedIn is probably one of the most powerful business tools available to us today.  Social Sales Links CEO Brynne Tillman and her team help organizations and individuals navigate their way through the features, functionality, and opportunity that LinkedIn represents.


Listen to an array of podcasts and engagements to the team and one-on-one support including building your profile, your contacts, to ways to engage better with your audience.

"Converting Connections to Conversations through the Power of LinkedIn."

Farm from a Box in Tanzania by John Tait


This cleantech-powered infrastructure for community-based local food production is pretty cool. As an off-grid, decentralized modular farm system, Farm from a Box helps strengthen local and regional food systems by providing the technology, increasing production sustainably, efficiently, and regeneratively. Instead of mass production, the goal is to empower production by the masses.


Each unit is independently powered with renewable energy and combines cold storage, solar pumping, and irrigation with an IoT data management platform in one deliverable system. These modular units support anywhere between 2-10 acres of high-value outdoor irrigated crop production. 

“Clean technology for Local, Climate-Resilient Agriculture”

Data science and deep learning


HitMap is made up of a team of urban and data scientists focused on developing an intuitive cloud-based platform initially for the analysis of real estate and commercial assets but expanding to answering previous unanswerable questions on the map based data platform.

Using state-of-the-art algorithm's and geo-referencing technology, HitMap has analyzed more than 50,000 assets across North and South America and has advised many global organizations with data to shape their strategies.

"Using data science to answer tomorrows challenges, today"

Customer Experience Concept.


For a decade we have helped organizations build culture, drive employee experience, and delight Guests.  It's about more than just being nice - it's about the intersection of courtesy and quality.

Entrepreneurs | Small Business | Large Business

We work with large, publicly traded companies to develop global strategies.​ We help small businesses who need training for their teams.​ We partner with entrepreneurs  to understand their customer journey

"Putting your guests at the center of everything you do"

Found it amusing. Waist up portrait of a man looking at an ipad.


Market Force Information® helps multi-site organizations improve service performance at each location while also protecting commercial performance. Market Force do this by delivering turn-key solutions including consulting services, data capture, reporting and analytics to help clients make more impactful business decisions. This integrated services offering saves clients both time and money while delivering a simplified approach to performance management in the workplace and for customers.

Market Force is relentlessly committed to client success and focused on delivering a 10X+ return on investment through their comprehensive approach to driving profitable growth and employee satisfaction.



RSM Facility Solutions offers enterprise-wide services for multi-site businesses as a first call, best resource, and most trusted business partner. By leveraging technology and the people behind it to produce data-driven efficiencies, RSM optimizes companies’ internal processes and creates exceptional customer experiences.

Dedicated experts, skilled teams that tap into the knowledge of trade experts. Proactive communication for services that go beyond routine repairs. Data-Driven Efficiencies, meaningful, data-driven insights that power smart facility management

"Maintenance needs of a dispersed property portfolio"

I love world where I live. Cheerful dark skinned model makes heart gesture, expresses good


Antos Environmental has been at the forefront of corporate environmentalism for over 30 years and is dedicated to helping organizations worldwide elevate their sustainability and resource management performance.

Working across a range of sectors, with clients large and small, from hospitals, universities, to businesses, and to municipalities, Antos helps clients take a smarter approach to waste management.

Through assessing your current performance, identifying opportunities, implementing change, education, and monitoring and measurement, Antos not only reduces your impact on the environment but in most cases saves you money too.

Hands holding clean water drop,world water day,hand sanitizer and hygiene


Biosyn Solutions patented FDA and WHO compliant technology gets sanitizers literally in the hands of consumers and organizations in a way like never before. In concentrated format, Biosyn reduces transportation costs, warehousing, storage, and as such reduces carbon footprint, and product cost too.

Benzalkonium Chloride is the active ingredient and is as effective if not more so than alcohol-based sanitizers which kill micro-organisms in 15 seconds then immediately stop being effective, whereas Biosyn kills bacteria in seconds and continues to be effective for several hours.


GingrTech Hero


GingrTech designs and develops award-winning business simulations that surface and tackle common business challenges to drive transformational change. These simulations recreate organizational challenges such as departmental silos, ESG and sustainability training, change management, leadership development, and C-Suite performance.


Experiential learning is the most successful method of driving organizational change, improving thinking skills, and creating lasting connections. The recreation of real-world business scenarios allows users to learn by doing and results in higher player engagement and emotional involvement.

White Flamingo


White Flamingo is a very cool collection of art curators, who work with organizations to find and bring art into their workplaces to activate space. Using theories from environmental psychology, color psychology, and archetypal brand theory to choose art that is right for your space, brand, and company. White Flamingo offer a variety of different installations to fit your budget and office, including art packages, workplace murals, 3D work, and gallery walls. White Flamingo curate art from emerging artists who would benefit from a platform to expose their work, and work with organizations who are trying to offer an inspiring environment to their employees. 


Market Force
White Flamingo
Farm From A Box
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