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Voices of Lockdown: Inclusion trends in the new world of work

4xi Innovation Partner, Rungway talks about their most recent report and insights into how employees are really feeling during lockdown and as we contemplate the re-entry to the physical workplace.

In the post-COVID, fragmented working environment and at a time of heightened diversity sensitivity, organizations need new ways to understand and engage with their employees. Empowering people to speak up, raise sensitive topics and share their diverse perspectives creates a psychologically safe organizational culture, a prerequisite for business success and a requirement for many regulated companies.

According to new data from 4xi's partner Rungway, colleagues of color receive 53% more answers when asking questions anonymously, rather than revealing their name or photo. This fact should make us all reflect on the culture work leaders and businesses need to do this year. How do you ensure these voices are being heard and included?

In a time where leaders can no longer “walk the corridors'' as they once could, how do you know what people are really thinking or feeling, and whether they are bringing their whole-selves to work?

Organizations have to be more agile than ever before. As organizations transition into the “next normal”, there is an opportunity for inclusive practices to be embedded into every layer of new processes and designs. Greater demands will be placed on the capabilities of organizations, and leadership in particular, to listen harder to what employees want to tell them.

This is where a platform like Rungway comes in. Rungway empowers employees to get advice, ask questions, raise issues, and voice their opinions without fear of judgment or negative consequences. Through the option of anonymity, colleagues can safely reach management, peers and specialists to get help when they need it and harness the wisdom of the entire organization.

Thanks to this ongoing and unbiased communication between employees, middle management and leadership, Rungway surfaces powerful Inclusion and Diversity themes and career development or well-being issues - all of which are critical drivers of employee motivation and productivity.

The platform is safe for management too - sensitive questions are discreetly routed to nominated escalation contacts or subject matter experts to provide the opportunity of a qualified first response. Alerts can also be set for particular topics of interest and focus areas to ensure management can have as big an impact with their time as possible.

Through Rungway, management gets access to employee-led, authentic exchanges and earlier sight of issues and hotspots.

Want to know what your employees are really thinking and feeling? Get in touch with us to find out more and get a copy of Rungway’s report:

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