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The Speed of Fix: See More than Ever Before

The button doesn’t get pushed; the lever doesn’t get pulled; the hammer doesn’t strike, and the problem does not get sorted until someone, somewhere, knows to act.

In a world where speed is king, resolution times are measured in minutes, not hours, and every first impression can change an outcome, the Speed OF Fix is paramount. Notice, it is not ‘Speed TO Fix but Speed OF Fix. Why does a preposition make such a difference?

The speed TO fix something is just that – how long does it take you to repair something from the time you know it needs fixing? From mopping up spills, replacing a lightbulb, and using a carpet cleaner on a stain, the speed to fixing something is in the labor and activities it takes to make it happen.

The Speed OF Fix is something far more important! It is the value! It is the foundation of the formula that drives an outcome, not the measurement from commencement to the end of the job. In short, you can assign time to a function, but a VALUE remains constant, and it is the difference between guaranteed outcomes and winging it.

In business, we focus on maximizing or minimizing time (depending on your point of view), reducing the time it takes to make things happen, or even reducing the number of people it takes to impact ‘how’ much time it takes to ‘fix’ something.

By way of example:

A single housekeeper in a hotel can handle up to 15 rooms a day (if they are not suites).  So, 15 rooms over 8 hours or 32 minutes per room.  

Five housekeepers working on the same floor, however, can clean those 15 rooms in 1.5 hours – quite the gain in ‘Time’ but with increased cost in manpower.   

The Speed TO fix lives in the world of time and cost, which is, of course, very important but only when ‘FIX’ is a scheduled event. Let’s consider value and time within the framework of responsiveness, not just the time to fix it.

"If we limit our view of the world to the lens of time without value, we lose sight of what really counts. Value arises out of the time it takes to ‘know’ you have to act. It is the ‘knowing’ that makes all the difference."

The Speed OF Fix changes everything. A tool that can give you faster response times; a tool that creates value, not just a ‘fix’ opportunity, is the difference between a fix-it and solve-it kinda moment and creating true value across the timeline for all the stakeholders.

Auditing, checking, and improving quality in any facility, business or office means being ahead of the curve. Taking note of what needs to get done and sharing it with the correct personnel takes time, but if we invert the process and ensure ‘all’ personnel see it all ‘at’ the same time, we have ignition.

No longer are we in a world of time and space but one where we are all owners of the event, the fix, and the solution process. Much like a home alarm system that both scares the intruder, wakes the owners, and calls the police, a tool that allows auditors, technicians, staff, and managers to see at the same time means the distance between finding and commencing a fix is almost immediate. The Speed OF Fix changes everything.

Auditing tools are often labor intensive; they require data to be sent or shared and OF ten at end-OF -of the day or in batches that may miss the mark to notify the right person at the right time.

MyFieldAudits takes away the constraint of time; it takes the notion of Speed OF Fix to heart and creates a way to bring all stakeholders to the same place at the right time to be on top of the time between notice and start – that space called ‘VALUE.’ The value of time is not in its measurement but in its responsiveness; in its visual acuity; in its nimbleness, and haste to bring resolution, solution, or fix something that might impact customer quality; customer happiness, or put the environment at risk.

Compliance is always in the background of business, as without it, we cannot know how we are doing and against what standards. Compliance drives success factors for everyone involved and comes with bragging rights and pride.

How do you think about and manage compliance in your company or business? What do you do to stay ahead of the curve, to make time your friend, not your enemy? How do you leverage your teams, staff, and leadership to be part of the solution or part of the fix without delays or struggles?

With MyFieldAudits at your fingertips, the Speed OF Fix makes taking care of business almost instantaneous. No matter the audit element, the time to fix makes staying on top of day-to-day operations virtually, physically, or remotely easy and literally in the palm of your hand.

MyFieldAudits: See more than ever before.



At 4xi, we've built our Explorers Innovation Directory of carefully curated Innovation Partners, all driving positive impact in the Away from Home market: workplace, education, healthcare, senior living, and leisure.

Check out MyFieldAudits

Would you like to have real-time visibility to your business in your pocket? See data, information, and insights, including images of operations and video - all on your mobile device?

Having this level of unprecedented visibility allows for nimble fixes and quick reactions to issues or challenges and also opportunities for recognition when things are going smoothly. MyFieldAudits makes knowing what is going on in your business in real-time a reality and helps you see more than ever before.

MyFieldAudits has transformed the audit process into a truly useful tool to drive success at all levels of your organization - a hand-held application that makes keeping on top of the details across multiple locations easy and effective. Now you can ‘see’ each operation in real-time.

Knowing what is happening in the moment with the resulting quick-fix options at your fingertips is a key differentiator. Extensive and detailed oversight ensures your clients receive the highest quality of care and service at all times. With this knowledge and insights at your fingertips, you can drive efficiency, compliance, and productivity and consistently deliver upon your commitments to quality and service outcomes across multiple facilities diminishing the challenges and complexity of managing dispersed operations.

MFAs work with foodservice partners, businesses, universities, care establishments, and hotels in public places like museums and airports to help leaders and operators have a clear and real-time line of sight to every aspect of their business.

MyFieldAudits ensures you can see your business in the palm of your hand.


Dina O'Reilly is 4xi's Strategic Partnership & Growth lead; she is also our Project Management Office lead and Ghostwriter in Residence, providing BLOGS+ services to clients. To learn more, contact Dina at


4xi Global Consulting & Solutions is a team of talented leaders from both the client-side and service provider side, impacting the Human Experience (HX) for people at work, in education, rest, and at leisure.

We believe in a people-first, experience-led philosophy. Whether client, employee, or guest – their experience is the fundamental foundation of success.

We work with corporations, service providers, and innovators:

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  • DATAxi: Data Ingestion & Visualization Platform


4xi is proud to be Chair of WORKTECH Academy for North America and a member of its Leadership Advisory Board. 4xi is a Global Ambassador for WORKTECH Academy.

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