Stand Out From The Crowd: 4xi's Explorers Innovation Directory:

There's plenty of research that tells us one of the most common client criticisms today is the perceived lack of proactive innovation, but how do service providers address this effectively and stand out from the crowd?

In the world of technology, clearly, innovation is at the forefront, and although different sectors and organizations differ in the levels of acceptable risk, there is a common thread - they all want to know what innovations exist that can improve their business (and your) performance.

In Silicon Valley, "fail fast" is a common phrase which tells of the culture and recognition that to truly push the boundaries of innovation, then failure is okay but make sure failure is fast, and move on.

In other sectors like Higher Education (experimenters), in Healthcare (explorers), in Financial Services (cautionaries), Manufacturing (traditionalists), they all want to know about innovation but their level of acceptable risk is different.

Then, come to the pervasive corporate structure in traditional businesses. Leadership, senior managers, employees careers, salaries, and bonuses are not structured in a way to encourage risk taking on innovation, in fact, quite the opposite.

"These employment fundamentals are designed to reward steady, and predictable performance, and results. They are not typically designed to reward and encourage the types of risk takers you need to truly drive impactful and disruptive innovation."

That's why we created the