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Podcast: Technology That Improves Employee and Occupant Experience

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

In this episode of Ignite Your Service Customer Experience Academy, 4xi's Chief Customer Experience Officer, Tony Johnson talks CX with Zan Compute's CEO, Junaith Shahabdeen, and Chief Product Officer, Sri Sridharan.
Wondering how you can provide a safe experience for your employees and your customers? Are you looking for a technological solution that is efficient and scalable?

INTEL veterans, Junaith and Sri talk about how Zan is disrupting the building services sector by not just driving efficiency but also elevating the occupant experience to create a better, more comfortable environment that promotes comfort and confidence - making the lives of employees, building occupants, and visitors better (and safer) through technology.

During this episode, the topics of validation and accountability feature in how the Zan technology creates visibility like never before and ultimately results in cleaner safer environments.

This podcast includes insights into not just the tenets of Zan and their intelligent IoT platform but also some insights into creating and building a technology start-up, to their favorite cuisine and holiday destinations.

"Have service so good that people would come back over and over again, and bring their friends with them." - Walt Disney

Tony speaks with the Zan Compute team about understanding the pain points and providing the right solutions for your customers.

Proving that the best technology enables users while still being flexible enough to meet their needs and how clean and safe environments are the number one priority to returning employees and visitors.

It's a great show, a great listen, and thanks for tuning in!

To listen to the full podcast simply click HERE


Tony Johnson is 4xi's, Chief Experience Officer. He is a thought leader and strategist on all aspects of Customer Experience from strategy to design to execution. Tony is an author and keynote speaker and also serves as CEO of Ignite Your Service.

Junaith Shahabdeen is the CEO of Zan Compute. With more than a decade of experience in data science, machine learning, and sensing technologies, Junaith has held senior-level positions in reputed companies such as Intel and has been a part of numerous startup incubation teams including Lusora and Digital Sun. Junaith also holds several patents and has many publications to his name.

K (Sri) Sridharan CPO at Zan Compute has over 30 years of experience in product management and technology leadership in systems, performance, personalization, and IoT. He has served in numerous senior director-level positions at companies such as Intel. He is the co-founder and president of Sankara Eye Foundation, the world's largest free eye care provider, and also holds several patents and has many publications to his name.


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