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Podcast: Return to Work? What About Amenities?

Welcome to Skip the Line, a podcast from Mashgin that will look at the various ways technology impacts how people purchase from start to finish.

Host Daniel Litwin spoke to two guests regarding workplace structures and amenities post-COVID.

First is Prentiss Hall, President, and Co-founder of LifeWorks Restaurant Group, a provider of immersive culinary experiences for companies.

Second is Barbara Boden, a Managing Partner at 4xi Global Consulting. Boden consults with businesses about the future of work.

Prentiss spoke about how experiences through amenities are critical to a thriving workplace. With businesses now bringing people back on-site, a hybrid approach is expected.

“People want to go back to the office, but not every day. The delivery of experience will be different, and innovation and creativity will be important,” said Hall.
“Working from home was easier in some ways, so companies need to create places that make employees want to come to work,” Boden said.
“We were never good at work-life balance, and there was a lot of stress just getting to work before. Now, we have to look at work-life integration, and technology will play a big role,” Prentiss added.

Regarding amenities, both guests agree that they have to be functional, experiential, and technology-backed, with the biggest amenity being food. “Food is the glue and gives people the right to take a break, but it has to be accessible with mobile and contactless options,” Boden explained.

Prentiss talked about the changes to food amenities, as well, noting that sending food to employees at home is one way to keep them connected.

Boden remarked that companies need to make shifts because the

“War for talent will come back.” “Companies that listen to employees and get it right will win. That means making life easier in their actual workspace and amenities offered.”

Listen to the podcast HERE

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