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Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All, Always

As we enter into the holiday season, it's a time for us to send good wishes to all - to our family, our friends, loved ones, colleagues, and clients around the world.

The past year (or two) has been extraordinary in many ways as many of us have seen our world disrupted and turned upside down.

We think about those who are sick, and the families of loved ones lost. We think about those on the front line every day working diligently to protect us from harm. Of those in poverty, suffering from food insecurity, of the elderly, the lonely, the homeless, and those separated from their loved ones at home or overseas. We think about the brave men and women around the world upholding the values of peace. We think about those both for and against us, and we pray for compassion, understanding, and forgiveness so that we can, one day, all live in harmony together.

We pray for our planet and that leaders and people around the world can fully commit to making a difference before we destroy the very thing that keeps us alive.

We pray that we do the right thing always - because it's just the right thing to do and that we can put our differences aside to be on the same side of integrity and purpose, always.

We pray for peace on earth and goodwill to all as we pass through Christmas and into the New Year with optimism and hope that we survive, thrive, and prosper, all of us, together, as one.

From all of us at 4xi to all of you, we wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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