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Open for Business (MaaS): No Pain, Only Gain

Open for Business: Maintenance as a Service (MaaS)

Managing dispersed retail portfolios is a challenge, it’s what keeps many business leaders up at night - whether in retail, banking, restaurants, hotels, or coffee shops, ensuring your properties are safe, pristine, and presentable every day for customers is all too often a major headache for operators.

Managing the locations from a cost perspective can be a nightmare as when critical facility areas break you need the repair usually immediately to continue normal operations. Your customer's positive experience with your brand is critically important every time they step through your doors. We believe that well-maintained and well-supported property portfolios drive a better consumer experience that in turn drives the top line through more repeat customers, brand image and loyalty, and ultimately more revenue. The challenge historically has been severalfold – dispersed portfolios are difficult to maintain and upkeep.

The large facilities companies’ business models aren’t set up for such dispersed operations, and the “fix when broke” model is neither good for business nor financial efficiency. Imagine a program that you can divert emergency, reactive repairs, and maintenance at high hourly rates to planned and preventative maintenance - not just at lower rates but addressing potentially brand-damaging issues ahead of the game.

"At 4xi, we are constantly seeking to drive impact to our clients, and with the Maintenance as a Service (MaaS) program we see no pain, only gain and a state of peace of mind for dispersed retail operators."

RSM Facility Solutions and My Field Audits (MFA) have launched an alliance where RSM completes all portfolio maintenance needs, and My Field Audits provides visibility to every location through their groundbreaking App - turning your reactive repairs into a proactive investment and protection of your assets, your consumer experience, and your business.

Through different levels of support, the subscription programs allow you to manage every facility need including areas of safety, anything that affects your brand image and helps you better manage costs through a pre-agreed planned program of visitation to each of your sites.

The MFA’s App allows your own onsite managers to capture your repair needs in advance and the RSM technicians are forewarned and forearmed with the right skills, tools, and parts to fix the problem when they visit on their scheduled day. Additionally, on each regular scheduled visit, it’s not just about repair, the RSM technician will complete a full asset audit to assess and prepare predictive maintenance requirements to fix, repair, and replace before a problem arises.

Couple this with the preemptive replacement of equipment that perhaps has a longer lifespan, or is more efficient, drives a further layer of efficiency and long-term effectiveness in terms of both continuity of operations, and cost.

Visibility like never before

Built into the MFA’s App is also a Consumer Quality Audit that allows the RSM technician to take the customer journey, score the experience, taking notes, photographs, and through the platform allow instant visibility to the client’s operations.

Maintenance as a Service (MaaS) is a holistic approach to managing your maintenance spend, and ensuring that all your locations are being maintained to the company standard with appropriate and a more predictable cost approach than responding to repairs alone.

MaaS takes the three core areas of maintenance and strategically re-balances them to deliver on a lower average cost per work order and ultimately lowers the overall cost of maintenance and repair while improving efficiency.

Then look out how the shift from Reactive & Emergency Maintenance to Scheduled and Preventative Maintenance transfers not only the number of work orders but exponentially reduces the cost as you minimize emergency call-out frequency and rates.

"What these two graphs show is a 12% reduction in the number of work orders submitted, and a 37% reduction in cost by becoming more proactive under MaaS."

We believe that this alliance between RSM and MFA’s drives real opportunity, delivers impact for substantial business improvement, including managing, controlling, and reducing cost – we hope that you do too.

To learn more about Maintenance as a Service (MaaS) and how it can positively impact your business, please review this brief Overview Brochure and contact us anytime to talk you through the proposition and introduce you to RSM and MFA’s for a demo and learn more. Check out the video:

Either DOWNLOAD an introduction to MaaS or contact us today to learn more:

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