#InsightsIn5: Will COVID-19 Change the Way We Work for GOOD?

The current pandemic is devastating lives, families, businesses not just in terms of the sick, the fatalities, the financial hardship, it is disrupting the entire world, nations, populations, the global economy, and business, but what will be the long term legacy of COVID-19?

It's a big question with far-reaching implications, and the longer it runs the more likely it is to change how we live and work, not just for the short term, but potentially permanently, and even, maybe for GOOD?

As organizations adapt through home-working and learn the impact upon their businesses, might this alter strategies around often expensive real estate, offices, maintenance, amenities? How will organizations accommodate a potentially more disparate workforce and offer a support structure that is inclusive and collaborative?


One company, Errand Solutions believes that they have part of that answer through their WorkXP-as-a-Service App, Luv Your Life.

LYLA provides employees, no matter where they are, access to employee services, benefits, support, health, and wellbeing, as well as solutions that support the work experience through a range of services. Access to specially negotiated deals, everything from insurance to preferential banking, from ordering food, gifts, flowers, and even booking errand runners to walk the dog, valet the car, or personal shopping.

The Cost of Business Travel

According to Business Wire, and the Runzheimer Cost of Business Travel Report, the average cost of a business trip in the United States in 2019 was $1,293 over 117 million business trips. Then, it's not just about the financial cost, but if each business trip represents, on average, 2.5 days from door to door, then, the same number of trips equates to 292.5 million business days a year.

Combined, the average cost per business trip is a whopping $2,793 and doesn't include the efficiencies created by an extra two and a half days at your desk and the productivity associated with that extra time.

Mute the Commute

The WORKTECH Academy and @Aramark WorkXP Report 2019, shares that the commute i