#InsightsIn5: What’s Next in the World of Customer Experience (CX)?

Tony Johnson

Customer Experience Officer (CXO)

4xi Global Consulting & Solutions

We are in the middle of a New Normal. These are Unprecedented Times. The only constant is change. Which one of these are you most tired of hearing as a part of our new business vernacular?

I say we vote them all off the island and move on. The fact is that business and customers have always been a moving target, but we have accelerated the momentum of certain strategies to be sure. The good news is that Customer Experience (CX) remains the fastest path to sales growth and that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

"Now is the time to double down on the fundamentals that drive experience – and ensure that you have taken the time to understand how they translate into the current marketplace. These fundamental elements remain relevant, but not fixed. They rhyme more than they repeat."

That is what brought me to the 4xi team – there is so much opportunity out there as boundless change impacts businesses, employees, and customers. As I founded my company Ignite Your Service, I also wanted to ensure that I was able to help unite collaboration and complementary services to benefit organizations in powerful ways. That is why joining 4xi as a consulting customer experience strategist and CXO seemed like a logical extension of my purpose.

These fundamentals have fueled my CX strategy creation and deployment for many years – and they have been proven to bring results.

Journey is the Key

Customer journey is the linchpin of delivering value for customers. When you take the time to understand your customers’ needs and create solutions, you are positioned well for long term partnership. This requires that you listen, observe, and collaborate from the point of view of your clients, customers, and consumers to plot their journey in real time. From there moving to eliminate hassles, snags, and obstacles will make it easy to do business with you, building trust and loyalty.

Empathy is the Catalyst

Empathy has always been important to great customer experiences, but Covid-19 has made it imperative. Customers, guests, clients, and consumers have come to need understanding and patience more than ever before.