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#InsightsIn5: WFH - What's Really Going On?

Working from home - what's really going on? Is the ubiquitous question on most business leaders minds - productivity, engagement, well being? Is this the new chapter of work? Is it sustainable? To what extent do we still need our real estate?

Thanks to a recent work from home report by ART Health Solutions, now you can know the answers to employee performance working from home.

The working environment has been hugely impacted by the worldwide pandemic. Many employees have been forced to change their working practices and operate out of a home office. This report provides an in-depth look into how home working may have impacted performance, wellbeing and employee experience, helping organization's make better informed decisions relating to their future workplace strategy.

From the Office to Home Working was a six month evaluation utilizing data collection technology to gather information - 12 different organizations, 9 different sectors, measuring over 10,000 days of physical activity, 13,000 survey data points, and over 4,000 cognitive performance tasks, taking the guess work out of the question and replacing it with scientific measurements and data sets.

What did they measure?

Using the same techniques and technology they utilize in the office, ART Health use devices like Fitbits, their own smartphone App, and a series of pulse surveys, the report gathered data to measure key indicators to understand the effect of people working from home.

  • Employee Wellbeing

  • Employee Performance

  • Employee Experience

"For the most critical business decisions we rely on empirical data and qualified insights, however, when dealing with workplace decisions, we tend to rely more upon intuition. ART Health has changed that - providing data from which to make probably the most important decisions about probably the most important resource we have - our people." said Jackie Cupper, former head of Global IFM at GSK.

What did they find?

With structured exercise and sleep, overall there was no change, however the report did find that cognitive performance was up and the stand out was Memory (+7%), Happiness (+9%), Stress (-8%) even Resting Heart Rates on average were lower (-2 bpm). That said, Daily Steps were down (-1,678), sedentary time up an average of 47 minutes more a day, and 28 minutes less daily activity.

No surprise, the #1 Benefit was the removal of the daily commute, yet the #1 Challenge a growing feeling of isolation. As we have commented on before, existing issues just accentuated and accelerated by COVID-19.

Watch the video from ART Solutions HERE:

ART Health Solutions will be taking part in a panel discussion with Rungway led by Jackie Cupper of 4xi Global Consulting during the WORKTECH20 Global Virtual Conference on 2/3 December.

Come join the conversation! How we'll work tomorrow.

Download the full Working From Home report HERE


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