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#InsightsIn5: The Workplace has changed for GOOD!

What does a Mini have to do with the workplace?

Henry Ford's vision was for one car, one color, one specification, and the Mini today has over one million different configurations. Every organization is different, has its own culture, personality, and needs and therefore the opportunity to curate a personal, customized, tailored work experience for just for you.


There are many insights and statistics available on the workplace and whichever of those you choose to pay attention to, the underlying message is that the workplace and work experience has changed, and for the most part, employees think for the good, for the better.

That said, creating the right work experience is a very personal thing, and the most effective work experiences are those that are customized to the culture, mission, and values of the organization, the demographics of the workforce, and also the geographical location of the workplaces.

The work experience design should have common threads that make the connection between place and company but maybe tailored by work-type, demographics, and location.

For example, the employee experience design may differ widely between a leadership center and a call center, between software engineers to accounting, and the cultural differences and expectations are very different between San Francisco and Singapore, between Dublin and Dubai, Santiago, and the Silicon Valley.

In other words, one-hat does not necessarily fit all in work experience design.

A Curated Work Experience

Beyond the experience of the real estate, the building, cool spaces that encourage and nurture better working, meetings, collaboration, community, the range of amenities available, when tailored and addressing potential points of dissatisfaction will work best.

We know that the commute and access to quality coffee feature regularly in employee feedback as real issues to address. From commuter buses to shuttles, rideshare programs or onsite valet parking might be appropriate. Providing a quality coffee offering in comparison is a relatively easy fix.

Then dependent on the profile of each workgroup, each building, then what about fitness, health, wellness and wellbeing, classes, Yoga, Barre, dance? Then what about convenience retail from every day needs to home convenience and take-home groceries and meals. What about laundry, eye care, pharmacy?

What about a workplace-as-a-service App that brings all these amenities to life?

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