#InsightsIn5: Fueling Your CX Future – A Catalyst for Growth

Tony Johnson

Customer Experience Officer (CXO)

4xi Global Consulting & Solutions

Anyone else feel like 2020 was the equivalent of a safe falling out of a building and hitting you Looney Tunes style? - Time to dust off and move forward.

"2021 will bring new challenges and opportunities to customer and employee experience that organizations must harness if they are to succeed in the evolving economy."

There is a sense of collective optimism - a combination of the calendar turning to 2021 and the roll out of the coronavirus vaccine. That is not to say that the world will immediately snap back to center, but there is an opportunity to double down on experience in new and innovative ways.

"The best part is that everything from patients to consumers to the guest experience will benefit from examining these core fundamentals of CX."

Many places around the US and across the world have never fully reopened from the initial coronavirus lockdowns, and while still potentially months away, businesses must understand what that looks like and how to build loyalty through execution.

REMEMBER: Your competition may be different prior to the pandemic as economies improve following a downturn, new businesses tend to flood the marketplace with innovative models that could overshadow your previous success.

As I work with organizations to re-engage their teams and customers in the new year, this is where we will start:

Double Down on Your Team Experience

This is particularly true if you are bringing your team back from remote work or determining what your workplace of the future looks like. They will need to feel comfortable with the work environment and that you have their safety well in hand. Team members will also continue to look for flexibility as they now have