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#InsightsIn5: Employee Amenities: What's Your Global Strategy?

What is the value of a Global Operating Model to support your Amenities?

As global organizations review their services and try to create consistency across their portfolio, many struggle with how to do this effectively and ask what are we trying to accomplish and what is the benefit? Others seem overwhelmed with the task and rely too heavily on local operators and managers.

"You do need to incorporate the local nuances of in-country cultures, expectations, and local legislation; however, building a company that has consistency in approach and non-negotiable standards will go a long way in building a brand and organizational culture."

Your Amenity Strategy should be inclusive of all the touchpoints that enhance the workplace and guest experience. This runs the gamut from Reception, coupled with Security, to Dining and Conferencing outlets, to Wellness and Mindfulness Centers, and more.

The key is to create a consolidated approach, have buy-in at all levels, and execute with consistency that builds on the brand. Whether you are a company that is trying to create a seamless experience, or a management company fulfilling the services, the same principles and approach apply.

What are the benefits of getting this right for the employees?

Understanding how applying a common set of principles, scaling them, and then executing them on a global, regional, and local level is key. You want to provide amenities that support productivity, collaboration, and engagement while attracting and retaining the best talent.

"The “Haves” and the “Have Nots” has long been an issue, accentuated by the global pandemic."

What about your clients and visitors?

Having a streamlined and controlled experience, end-to-end will help establish and build your brand. This experience comes alive in the people and place of business. Having the structure and well-thought-out approach from the entrance to exit is extremely important.

"The variations in country and culture can be achieved by slightly modifying the Standard Operating Procedures, but a warm and easy welcome and attention to detail in every aspect goes a long way in any country."

How do you execute successfully?

How do you accomplish this over time and with a planned investment strategy? Start with the low-hanging fruit…the low cost, high impact changes that everyone notices. Training is key as you can’t just change the space, you need to operate with consistency.

It starts with understanding the current services, where they operate, and how they operate. What is the desired outcome and what are the roadblocks? Building a compelling and coordinated approach to creating, budgeting, delivering, and training your global amenities. This includes consideration of design, technology, standards, and training.

Barbara Boden is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of 4xi Consulting. 4xi has broad experience in solving the global amenities challenge, from large financial institutions, in manufacturing, and in the technology sectors, worldwide.

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