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#InsightIn5: Mashgin: Computer Vision Technology Transforming the Point of Sale Experience

If you’ve never heard of Mashgin before, I’m not surprised. They’ve been in the corporate dining industry for a few years but have only recently exited the famed silicon valley 'stealth mode' - intentionally maintaining a low profile to keep competitors off their trail.

Mashgin uses AI, specifically 'computer vision' (the same stuff that’s in many self-driving cars) to quickly identify food and packaged goods for self-checkout. They’re able to ring up multiple items at once in about half a second, without needing to scan a barcode or any manual input - check out the video below:

"I first encountered Mashgin when I was looking for innovation that would improve the customer experience. I went to see Mashgin in California and was sold immediately!"

The success of adaptability, increase in throughput and the 'wow' factor for our customers enabled me to expand the product and work with Mashgin on continuous improvements. They were incredibly responsive and the outcome was increased sales, labor efficiency, and happy customers!

Since then, Mashgin has expanded beyond business dining and into sports stadiums, healthcare, education, and even a few convenience store chains.

"When people ask me why I like Mashgin, it is because it significantly improves the consumer experience while positively impacting the top and bottom-line."

Customer experience is tied to customer perception and most people tend to focus on the worst part of their experiences. In a cafe setting, if there is a line and someone is in a hurry, they just turn around and find another option. Mashgin really helps to save that customer.

And in the wake of COVID-19, the negative experience of lines is greatly amplified. A line is a crowd and masked or not, crowds feel dangerous. Now that customers need to keep their 6-foot social distance, this makes lines feel even longer.

This is where Mashgin comes in - dramatically cutting down lines and improving the consumer experience.

"Mashgin claims up to a 400% faster checkout process. In the world of instant gratification, speed is convenience."

Mashgin is also a touchless self-checkout experience, allaying COVID-19 related anxieties that may accompany in-person checkout. Diners are able to quickly checkout without touching anything but their own food - opting to use a mobile wallet or employee card to pay without ever contacting the Kiosk.

Making checkout touchless, effortless, and instant is a huge benefit to the customer experience. Now when customers think about their experience they remember the food and not the wait.

And the bottom-line impact of that improved experience is substantial. Cafes that convert to Mashgin have seen overall sales increase by as much as 20%, and stay there consistently.

So lines go down, sales go up, and it all happens while freeing up your cashiers and allocating labor to more valuable tasks. Each business's needs are different and you will no doubt assign cashiers to different tasks to what is most important for you. Regardless of what that may be, it’s going to add up to an even better experience for consumers.

As an extension, Mashgin enables operations to become 24/7 driving top-line, profitability, and with little or no labor. And extended hours leads to better customer experience.

"Put it all together and you have higher sales, better margins, shorter lines and wait times, and most importantly safe and happy customers."

If you would like to learn more about Mashgin and how it can help transform your business, feel free to reach out and we can set up a call and a demo with the Mashgin team.

Barbara Boden

Managing Partner

4xi Global Workplace Consulting & Solutions


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