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Guest BLOG Post: MyFieldAudits: When Less Really Does Mean More

Guest Blog from Kyle LaCour

Kyle LaCour is Client Success Manager at MyFieldAudits - a game-changing App platform that allows operators of dispersed locations to see more than ever before, in real time. Thanks for sharing this article on the 4xi BLOG Kyle.


Maximizing Employee Output and Engagement

Oh, the many the challenges of maximizing employee output… with increased COVID measures and staffing shortages, management is increasingly tempted to further load the proverbial straw onto the backs of their onsite teams. But as the proverb goes, there’s always a breaking point.

These limits present in a number of ways; from the more extreme unionization, protests, and straight-up refusals to work to the much more subtle, harder to tackle, diminishing returns on employee investment. When asking more starts to get you less, it’s time to re-evaluate your approach.

While many tools claim they offer ways to further maximize employee output, oftentimes their implementation has the opposite impact. A perfect example is some of the initial strategies our clients have in using our onsite inspection platform.

Frequently, we’re given a laundry list inspection forms - 50, 75, or a hundred items long that hourly employees are expected to complete within an already thinly stretched schedule. The results can be expectedly disappointing. Lack of attention to detail inspections (if they even happen at all) that provide little value.

“I learned no detail was too small, it is all about the details.”

- Brad Grey, Former CEO of Paramount

The challenge often lies in the ratio of value to effort in the eyes of the employees. When people are asked to do high-effort tasks with little to no insight or involvement on their impact, it breeds disregard or disdain for their assigned tasks.

As a hybrid technology and consulting firm, we’ve seen firsthand how flipping the paradigm of the value to the effort has not only increased engagement with our own platform but changed the dynamic between leadership and onsite teams.

One approach that’s had a huge impact is the use of critical photo audits. Rather than teams checking endless boxes, they submit comprehensive photo examples of how they’re executing critical standards.

Now here’s the crucial part: the results are reviewed REGULARLY with input from the teams themselves, creating a conversation about what’s working, what’s not and re-enforcing the fact that their actions do have an impact.

The effect on employee morale has been palpable - feeling their time is valued creates the desire to contribute and see their hard work shown off. Leadership is funneled better information to make informed decisions. The effect on operations, is tangible, with increased compliance and overall output from teams.

"As we look to the future of work and the role of onsite employees in it, success lies in not asking for more, but in asking for higher-value output from your employees and engaging them in the process."

- Kyle LaCour, Client Development Strategist, MyFieldAudits

MyFieldAudits: Less Chasing...More Doing

To learn more about MyFieldAudits, contact us today and we can set up an introductory exploration and you can learn why we believe this can add significant value to your business and your customer experience.

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