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Doing The Right Thing, Is The Right Thing To Do!

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Never in the history of humankind has there been a more pressing need to drive change in behaviors that protect our environment and uphold our social commitments and responsibilities.

4xi's Innovation Partner, vranda is lifting the lid on ESG data and making it more visible, more accessible, and turning data into insights that can help organizations make a difference, drive change, and create impact.

Christy Cook, President, and co-founder of vranda, and Simon Elliot, Managing Partner of 4xi Global Consulting share this second report in the Sustainability Simplified series.

Sustainability Simplified 2.0

Embracing the United Nations Global Compact is a good place to start - its 10 Principles and 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) focused on driving better performance and behaviors around Environmental, Social, and Governance behaviors and reporting.

The challenge of clarity, visibility, and reporting performance has long been an issue. That's where vranda comes in.

Aggregating data from various sources within your organization, vranda becomes Your Company's ESG Operating System creating dynamic data visualization, accountability, and task management across departments.

Sustainability Simplified 1.0

The first of the series addressed the Elephant in the Room and how we as leaders need to take ownership and lead our teams, our people, and our organizations into doing the right thing because it's the right thing to do.

This is no longer a box-ticking exercise but a crisis that needs bold and courageous leadership in order for us to really make a difference and uphold our obligations to future generations to come.

Owners and leaders of businesses across the world need to embrace these commitments, and through better visibility to and clarity of data, make better decisions on the critical commitments of how we protect our planet, our social commitments, and our people.

Are you ready to accept the challenge and take the first step to understand your data to make decisions that improve your organizations' performance?

Email us at or book a 30-minute introductory call HERE

4xi: Inspiring the future, together.

4xi Global Consulting & Solutions is a team of talented leaders from both the client-side and service provider side creating an impact in the Human Experience (HX) for people at work, in education, rest, and at leisure.

We believe in a people-first, experience-led philosophy, whether client, employee, or guest – their experience is the fundamental foundation of success.

We work with corporations, service providers, and innovators:

  • Strategic Advisory

  • Amenities, Design & Operations

  • Customer Experience (CX)

  • Training & Development

  • Strategic Partnership & Growth

  • Innovation

  • Solutions & Support

Our Strength is in the Power of Our Collective.

4xi is proud to be Chair of WORKTECH Academy for North America and a member of its Leadership Advisory Board. 4xi is a Global Ambassador for WORKTECH Academy.

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