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Brand Listening: Ever wondered what your clients and customers really think?

On the face of it, things seem normal, like business as usual. You may have been in a business relationship for some time and feel comfortable with doing things like you always have. Why not? It’s worked so far, why change anything, why dig too deep at the risk of rocking the boat?

The thing in business is that circumstances change all the time: sector developments, economic shifts, changing strategic priorities, new leadership, and personnel. In business standing still is not an option.

The age-old, "the client loves us" can come back to bite you the day that you wake up on a Tuesday morning, receive the RFP, and you realize that your competition has been gnawing away at your operations and relationships for the past 12 months – is it too late?

What is your retention rate for existing business, and your closure rate for new?

To truly understand where you stand with your clients, you need to measure your retention and closure rates.

Retention rate tells you how well you are maintaining your current clients, and the closure rate reveals how effective you are in bringing new business on board. Both metrics are critical for a healthy, growing business.

A high retention rate indicates that your clients are satisfied and see value in your services. However, even with a high retention rate, complacency can lead to unexpected losses. Regular feedback, continuous improvement, and proactive engagement are essential to keep your clients satisfied and loyal.

Similarly, a strong closure rate for new business is a positive sign but should not be taken for granted. Understanding why new clients choose your business and ensuring that you deliver on your promises is key to converting these new opportunities into long-term relationships.

Brand Listening: What your clients really think!

Brand listening is a proactive approach to understanding your clients' perceptions, needs, and expectations. It involves actively seeking feedback, analyzing client interactions, and monitoring social media and other platform clients might voice their opinions.

Effective brand listening requires a systematic approach to gather, analyze, and act on client feedback. Below is 4xi’s comprehensive methodology to implementing brand listening for your organization.

1. Define Objectives


  • Goals: Determine what you want to achieve with brand listening. These might include improving client satisfaction, identifying new service opportunities, enhancing brand perception.


  • Metrics: Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success. For example: Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), conversion rates, or client retention rate.

2. Identify Listening Channels

  • Surveys: Online surveys, email surveys, post-service surveys.

  • Social Media: Monitoring social media platforms.

  • Review Feedback Sites

  • Client Feedback Gathering Forms

  • Direct Interactions: Client meetings, interviews, and focus groups.

  • Monitor Customer Support Interactions

3. Develop Listening Tools and Processes

  • Survey Tools: Leverage platforms like 4xi's CRITERION Benchmarking.

  • Social Media Monitoring: Let us listen for you.

  • Leverage Listening & Management Tools

  • Use Feedback Analytics Tools

4. Develop Systemic Processes

  • Survey Distribution: Regularly schedule surveys after key interactions.

  • Monitoring Schedule: Set up regular intervals for review monitoring.

  • Data Collection and Storage: Centralize feedback data in a CRM.

5. Collect Data

  • Consistent Monitoring: All identified channels for new feedback.

  • Proactive Engagement: Encourage clients to provide feedback.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Ensure all relevant feedback is captured.

6. Analyze Feedback

  • Quantitative Analysis: Use statistical methods to analyze survey results.

  • Qualitative Analysis: Conduct thematic analysis on open-ended responses.

  • Sentiment Analysis: Determine sentiment (positive, neutral, negative).

  • Trend Identification: Identify recurring themes, patterns, and trends.

7. Actionable Insights Generation

  • Prioritize Issues: Prioritize client satisfaction and business outcomes the most.

  • Opportunity Identification: Look for new service offerings or process improvements.

  • Root Cause Analysis: Determine the underlying causes of negative feedback or recurring issues.

8. Develop and Implement Action Plans

  • Action Steps: Define specific actions to address key issues.

  • Responsibility Assignment: Assign roles and responsibilities.

  • Timeline: Set realistic timelines for each action step.

9. Communication Strategy

  • Transparency: Inform client changes being made based on their feedback.

  • Regular Updates: Provide periodic updates on progress.

  • Acknowledgement: Thank clients for their feedback and involvement.

10. Monitor and Measure Impact

  • Track Metrics: Continuously monitor the KPIs defined in the objectives stage.

  • Feedback Loop: Collect follow-up feedback to measure impact.

  • Adjust Actions: Refine and adjust actions based on ongoing feedback.

11. Continuous Improvement

  • Iterative Process: Make brand listening a continuous cycle of feedback collection, analysis, and improvement.

  • Innovation: Stay open to new methods and tools for listening and engaging with clients.

  • Engagement: Keep clients involved in the process, ensuring they feel heard and valued.


By following the 4xi structured brand listening methodology, your organization can gain deeper insights into client perceptions and needs.

This approach not only helps in addressing immediate concerns but also fosters a culture of continuous improvement and client-centricity.

Implementing effective brand listening ensures that your business remains agile, responsive, and competitive in an ever-changing market landscape.

Don’t know where to begin, or don’t have the bandwidth? 4xi Global Consulting is here to help. To learn more about Brand Listening and how we can help your business attract and retain better business, contact us today:


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We believe in a people-first, experience-led philosophy. Whether client, employee, or guest – their experience is the fundamental foundation of success.

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