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4xi Global Consulting: What's in a name?

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Our strength is in the power of our collective experience. 4xi will help you discover the unknown and explore new horizons.

We branded our new company and wanted to share:

We want to make sure we demonstrate not only our thoughtfulness in approach but that the name represents what we do and stand for in the world of work. Having a global mindset, experience, and team, we provide consulting services, expertise-on-demand, program management, and value-add programs that drive impact for our clients. Our focus is to help our partners imagine what is possible, inspire innovation, and explore new horizons.

4xi represents our client partners (our constituents), team, and intent to always challenge the status quo while transforming the world of work for GOOD!

4 Constituents: Employers, Operators, Innovators, and Accelerators

4x's: Experience, Explore, Extend, and Expand

4i's: Imagine, Inspire, Innovate, and Impact

An amenity-rich, hospitality-focused business elevates the work experience for employees and clients.

At 4xi, we think about the work experience in a similar way to resort management - it is encompassing all the elements of the experience from beginning to end, no matter where you are!

Discovering the unknown and exploring new horizons is an adventure and a journey. The need to be agile and nimble is a critical factor of success. At 4xi we understand this, for our clients and ourselves, and will continue to evolve as we trek our path to inspiring the future, together.

Our Strength is the Power of Our Collective Experience, Experience Matters!

To learn more about 4xi, visit our website or reach out to explore how we can help your business thrive.

San Francisco | New York | Los Angeles | London | Santiago

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