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Raphael House: 50th Anniversary Fundraising Event

Raphael House is celebrating 50 years of family-centered solutions to homelessness due to economic hardship!

Their mission to support families on their journey towards achieving long-term housing and financial stability means a lot to me. Please join me in making a donation to ensure their critical services can continue for decades to come.

Inspiring families. Illuminating hope.

Since 1971, Raphael House has been at the forefront of providing homeless and low-income families in the San Francisco Bay Area personalized family-centered solutions to build brighter, independent futures. Raphael House is a 100% community-supported organization. Their success rate is unmatched: more than 85% of all Raphael House families go on to achieve long-term stable housing and financial independence.

I am so honored and delighted to support this very worthy cause and I hope you will join me in supporting Raphael House.

I first got involved a number of years ago when I was on the Board of the British American Business Council and again as community lead with Aramark. I was truly inspired by the work they do around #inspiringfamilies and #illuminatinghope for families who find themselves homeless due to economic hardship.

For their 50th Anniversary, I am hoping to raise $5,000 and I hope that you can help me- from as little as $1 to whatever you can afford.

Please visit my Just Giving Page and donate whatever you can - every $ counts and makes such a difference to the families and the children. I do hope that you can help in any small way and I thank you in advance of your support.

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