#InsightsIn5: Customer Experience is more than just being nice

Last week’s #GlobalHangout was co-hosted by Transition AMP and 4xi Global Consulting & Solutions, chaired by Jackie Cupper, and moderated by Karen Turton. Guest speaker, 4xi's Customer Experience Officer, Tony Johnson discussed how standards and processes protect your customer experience and brand standards. Here's some of his pearls of wisdom:

"I believe that everyone should work in a restaurant for a month to hone their leadership, service, and attention to detail." - Tony Johnson

My time in the retail and hospitality spaces are foundational moments for me where I learned to handle stress, take care of people, and keep things clean! And those were just the skills I learned at 16 years of age as the top tier drive-thru attendant at the Decatur, Indiana Taco Bell.

Organizations that win with customer experience have come to see that without systems, accountability, and process, there can be no sustainable CX culture.

"Friendly teams that cannot deliver quality become nice people delivering mediocrity."

The key is to see experience as an intersection of touchpoints that deliver loyalty -building guest momen