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#InsightsIn5: 4xi Explorer in Residence: Georgina Miranda

Discovering the unknown and exploring new horizons

I first met Georgina Miranda ten years ago now, we were both on the Board of the British American Business Council, we were in San Francisco, it was our monthly Board meeting. Given my own not insignificant experiences of travel, of adventure, and business I don’t normally get overly impressed, but I was immediately taken in awe of the achievements of this young lady before me.

As her first attendance in person at the meeting, Georgina gave the room a rundown of her latest adventures and her experiences in her failed attempt to climb Mount Everest. She went through a brief slide show, talked about her hopes, her fears, the pain, and the disappointment. Never mind her brave attempt and that she didn’t make it to the peak due to hypoxia, we were all left undeniably impressed and in awe.

The next time I saw Georgina, a couple of years later, she had returned to the Himalayas and conquered the tallest mountain on the planet. She thanks her practice of mindfulness for her accomplishment.

“Georgina is one of those rare people in life that you meet and simply put just inspires your socks off.”

Today, Georgina is on her way to becoming one of only 15 women in the world to complete the Explorer’s Grand Slam—scaling the highest peak on each continent and skiing to the last degree of the North and South Pole. Just 3 expeditions remain. She’s done so to raise awareness around gender-based violence that plagues 1 in 3 women around the world.

It is a combination of these personal achievements, Georgina’s spark, intellect and presence, and her business experience that she is able to bring value and drive impact with client organizations seeking to create a culture of equality, consciousness, and success with people and the planet front and center, and above all first. Georgina translates her personal journey, her passions, adventures, her trials, tribulations, and achievements into a business context that leaves an impactful and indelible impression.

“The opportunity is ours to create and grow businesses that thrive in profit, impact, and wellbeing.”

Georgina is a thought leader in the areas of mindfulness, organizational and leadership development, company culture, transformational change, JEDI (Justice, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion), gender equality, investing in women to drive economic growth, employee engagement, wellbeing, and burnout prevention. She excels as a trusted advisor and coach across all management and executive levels.

She is dedicated to the transformation of people, companies, and societies for their highest and best good. Georgina is a social entrepreneur, adventure athlete, international speaker, writer, transformation coach, consultant, mindfulness and energy practitioner, and founder and CEO of She Ventures - a social enterprise focused on the global advancement and well being of womankind.

“Women are the largest untapped resource in the world. Given equal opportunities, women hold the key to being the largest contributors of positive economic, social, and environmental change globally.”

Mind over Matter

Georgina brings a wide range of experience and expertise to the world of the workplace and how to guide, build and thrive in a way that prioritizes the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of its people and positively impacts the planet - She regularly hosts mindfulness at work workshops to help make mental wellness and awareness a way of working at organizations around the world.

People First

At the core of any successful business are its people. Regardless of the problem at hand, people need to be at the center of the solution. Georgina combines her Corporate, Start-up, and Adventure experience when working with clients, providing a unique approach to business solutions. She has vast experience in management consulting for Fortune 500 companies globally.

Strategy & Branding

Georgina’s approach to branding and strategy aligns with her knowing that our excellence aligns with our Wild Truth.

“Creating strategies and brands that just ‘sound and look good’ won’t get you very far.”

Customers connect with authenticity and a “Why” for existence. She works with clients to answer the tough internal questions and threads the beautiful brand story from there. She partners with clients to ensure an implementation plan for any strategy or branding developed. Far too often beautiful plans sit on a shelf when not accompanied by an implementation and execution plan. Her forte is in Mission and Vision creation, alignment, and most importantly execution, helping companies and brands transform and come to life with an unapologetic truth and conviction.

Transformational Change

Georgina spent much of her management consulting career focusing on Transformational Change Initiatives within Fortune 500 Companies globally (technology, process, culture, and people). She partners with clients to make their intended transformation a success, while also guiding their people through the adoption process. Initiatives that do not have a strategy for overall adoption and engagement are the ones that struggle the most. The key to any major transformation is a shift in mindset. Much of Georgina’s work focuses on how we must shift our mind and energy to create lasting change from the inside out.

“Our world is in a state of change, and keeping our people feeling secure and well during these times is critical.”

Impact: Wellbeing

It’s our time to arrive with full awareness in order to create a new world that is just, equal, protects our planet, and prioritizes our overall well being mentally, physically, and spiritually. To change the world, we must first change within. The opportunity is ours to create and grow businesses that thrive in profit, impact, and wellbeing. Georgina partners with clients on this journey of growing a conscious business and way of working that benefits the greater collective. Developing mindful and present teams is critical in this process.

Learn more about her mindfulness at work sessions at

Executive and Team Coaching

Georgina has helped clients develop and deliver customized coaching, workshop, and development programs. She is known for developing proficient, conscious leaders, entrepreneurs, and companies alike. Georgina’s compassionate, yet direct approach helps her excel as a trusted advisor and coach across all management and executive levels.

“Georgina is unique in her principles, her experiences, approach, and delivery, her prerequisite: She works with clients globally and across all sectors but only those that do not harm people or the planet.”

Georgina is a true Global Citizen, currently splitting her time between Denver and Porto, Portugal with regular stopovers across Europe and the United States, her original home base. Wherever your need globally, Georgina can help your business grow and thrive and transform.

We are very proud and privileged to have Georgina join the 4xi team as our very own Explorer in Residence!

For more information on Georgina and the 4xi team, visit our website at If you would like to work with her or participate in an upcoming mindfulness at work session, you can email


4xi Global Workplace Consulting & Solutions provides a range of services to support Corporations, Service Providers, Innovators, and Accelerators to navigate the world of work. Inspiring the future of work, together.

4xi is proud to be Chair of WORKTECH Academy for North America and a member of its Leadership Advisory Board. 4xi is a Global Ambassador for WORKTECH Academy.

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