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DATAxi: Unleashing the Power of Data Empowering Insights and Impact

In the ever-evolving world of business, data has become the most prized asset, holding the key to success and competitive advantage. As the flood of data continues to surge, organizations are seeking powerful and comprehensive solutions to not only ingest, but to visualize a wealth of information.

This is why 4xi has teamed up with DOMO to create DATAxi – a data ingestion and visualization tool to allow you to understand your business like never before..

The use cases for DATAxi are almost unlimited, but first, here are some key questions to ask:

1. What are the key business challenges that you need more insights into?

2. What are the internal data sources that you need to have those answers?

3. What additional external data sources will help answer the question?

4. What metrics do you want to see so that you can make meaningful decisions?

Visibility like never before.

Examples of just some of the use cases:

Flash Reporting

You probably have some level of flash reporting today, but how real time is that data, and is it displayed in such a way that you can immediately see trends, top, and bottom performers, see outliers to fix problems and celebrate successes?

Imagine then, being able to compare week over week, month over month, year over year, and location by location. Then being able to layer in things like weather, holidays, sporting events, and other impacting factors.

Market Analysis Benchmarking

Imagine being able to have a real time benchmarking analysis for your business. For example, in foodservice, understanding metro by metro retail pricing is so critically important. For real estate, to understand the average price per sq/ft for property. For commodity pricing. But then layer in trends and predictive analysis to see into the future and manage cost and margins.

Global Overview

At 4xi we have worked with several global organizations who wanted to understand their global footprints, and on a more macro level, the benchmarks, and trends in their operating metros around the world – cost of living, affordability, livability, population fluctuations, unemployment, average housing costs, wages, minimum wage.

Purchasing (and sales) analysis

What you buy, sell, where, and who to. What is the impact? “What if” scenarios that can help you improve performance are a powerful predicter and planning tool. For example, if “Customer A” buys more of “SKU B”, then they will improve their ESG impact by C. Another example, beef is set to increase in cost by X% over the next 12 months, if you substitute 50% of that beef with chicken, then your bottom-line profitability will increase by Y%.

In each of these examples, there is real power and business benefit, and that is why we are offering you DATAxi.

Let’s talk about how we can help you see more than ever before.

Contact us at, visit our website at, or click on the following link.


4xi Global Consulting & Solutions is a team of talented leaders from both the client-side and service provider side, impacting the Human Experience (HX) for people at work, in education, rest, and at leisure.

We believe in a people-first, experience-led philosophy. Whether client, employee, or guest – their experience is the fundamental foundation of success.

We work with corporations, service providers, and innovators:

  • Strategic Advisory & Special Projects (SPx)

  • Headquarters Fractional Support On-Demand

  • Evolving Experiences© - Employee (EX) & Customer Experience (CX)

  • Design4Life©: Environmental, Physical, and Experiential Design

  • Global Amenities Strategy, Design & Operations

  • TRUE NORTH©: Strategic Partnership & Growth

  • Explorers Innovation Directory: Gateway to Innovation

  • Sustainability Simplified©: Supply Chain & Innovation

  • Market Research Reports & Benchmarking


4xi is proud to be Chair of WORKTECH Academy for North America and a member of its Leadership Advisory Board. 4xi is a Global Ambassador for WORKTECH Academy.

San Francisco | New York | Philadelphia | Orlando | North Carolina | Seattle | Silicon Valley | Santiago | London | Tokyo

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