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4xi Announces Christy Cook as Chief Sustainability Officer in Residence

Boutique advisory and professional services firm, 4xi Global Consulting, announces Sodexo and Leanpath veteran, Christy Cook as Chief Sustainability Officer in Residence to lead their Sustainability Simplified© practice.

Christy is a highly accomplished leader in the field of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG), and sustainability with nearly 20 years of experience. Her expertise lies in corporate sustainability and collaborating closely with clients to enhance their sustainability performance. From her beginnings in devising sustainability solutions for a single college campus, she expanded her impact to 8,500 sites across North America, spanning seven diverse business sectors, during her tenure at Sodexo, the 19th largest employer globally.

"We have worked with Christy on a number of projects over the past couple of years and have always been impressed with her absolute dedication and commitment to all matters ESG. We are delighted and proud to welcome her to the 4xi family."

- Simon Elliot, Managing Partner, 4xi Global Consulting.

In her role at Sodexo, Christy served as an internal consultant to the company's top 500 partners, driving ESG reporting for Sodexo North America, and spearheading sustainability initiatives across the 8,500 sites to achieve Sodexo's ambitious public sustainability commitments. Additionally, she led the development in establishing world's largest food waste prevention program.

As the Vice President of Customer Success at Leanpath, an environmental software, Christy led the account management team and empowering clients to adopt food waste prevention and measurement practices in kitchens worldwide.

Currently, Christy holds the esteemed positions of President and Chief Sustainability Officer at vranda, an ESG software solution that is in advanced acquisition discussions.

Furthermore, Christy is the founder and CEO of InvestHER Strategies, where she serves as a trusted strategic advisor to sustainability leaders at startups and small businesses, empowering them to drive positive change.

In her most recent endeavor, Christy joined the esteemed 4xi team as Chief Sustainability Officer, reinforcing the organization's commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible business practices.

With an illustrious career spanning diverse leadership roles in the ESG and sustainability sector, Christy continues to inspire and shape the future of sustainable practices, making a lasting impact on both businesses and our planet.

Meet Christy: Impact drives everything I do.

I am a “real idealist". That shows up for me idealistically in that I believe everyone wants to do better and take steps to do so. The realist in me understands that the path to make positive change takes work, time, and people can be resistant to that progress for various reasons.

Those two views, idealism and realism, are often said to be opposing forces. However, I like to think of them as guardrails for the work that people in organizations want to do. 

My role is to understand the real opportunities and struggles organizations face on the path to drive greater impact and I design programs to eliminate or reduce those issues so progress can happen. 

Approaching complex environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues with that lens builds trust that often makes businesses more sustainable over time and their actions more impactful.

I joined the 4xi team to expand my impact and simplify sustainability for greater adoption. There are no boundaries with this talented team working together. You might have a simple program that needs developing or a complex ESG Strategy. No matter the task, our strength is in the collective. 

Welcome to the 4xi team:

Our Strength is in the Power of Our Collective.

Interested and figuring out where to start?

  1. Check out 4xi's Sustainability Simplified© services.

  2. Learn more about our approach to ESG in Sustainability Simplified 2.0

  3. Book a Call feature on the Sustainability Simplified website, or

  4. Reach out to me on LinkedIn.


4xi Global Consulting & Solutions is a boutique advisory firm focused on advancing the Human Experience (HX) in the away-from-home markets: at work, in education, at rest, and at leisure. Our team of senior leaders, and industry and functional experts are available to support your ESG Strategies, Sustainability, and Procurement.


  • ESG STRATEGY & ALIGNMENT Helping organizations translate ESG vision into strategy, gain alignment, and drive execution, and impact.

  • SUSTAINABILITY ROAD MAP We help you build a sustainability road map to transformation and change in practical, measurable steps and actions.

  • SUPPLY CHAIN: SETTING STANDARDS Review your existing procurement practices and how they apply to your strategy. Set new standards to optimize impact.

  • MENU DESIGN & NEW PRODUCTS Structuring now just what you buy and from where, but helps you with menu alignment, and search for new products.

  • OPTIMIZE PERFORMANCE Our team has decades of experience in helping organizations optimize ESG performance and really make a difference.

  • MEASUREMENT & REPORTING The clearest way to drive impact is having a line of sight to your performance, from which you can make impactful decisions.


Meet OUR TEAM and learn more about how we can support your business, BOOK A CALL to explore how we can help you, or email us at


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