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It’s what you're not hearing that matters the most.

What do your people really think?

Building connected and inclusive cultures in our organizations have never been more important than it is in 2021. With our workforces still dispersed, and many employees isolated, we have to do all that we can to ensure everyone feels connected and that they belong.

Beyond our duty to our employees, leaders also risk being left in the dark, especially when we can no longer ‘walk the corridors’. None of this will be solved by getting some people back to the office some of the time. Our data shows surprising and important anonymity trends - for example that colleagues of color receive 53% more answers if they post their question anonymously, rather than revealing their name or photo. How do you ensure these voices are being heard and included?

Rungway is a safe and dedicated space for everyone to have an equal voice.

People can ask questions anonymously without fear of judgment or negative consequences. Management can Pulse teams to get earlier sight of issues and reduce blind spots. Spark employee-led dialogue on the topics that matter to your people.

Rungway is an invaluable tool for leaders who want to really understand what employees are thinking and feeling.

As we start to return to the physical workplace, or for those still working remotely, getting real-time feedback, and being able to respond straight back shows that you care and optimizes engagement.

Make room for the quieter voices
Anyone can ask questions with the option of anonymity, and crowdsource advice. Rungway creates opportunities for management to join new conversations in a new way. 
A safe space 
Unique technology and controls scan for culture & conduct keywords, with sensitive questions routed to specialists for the right advice and 1:1 support, so you can’t be caught out.
Guide, support and mentor at scale
All responses are named and advice is searchable. When you help on Rungway, everyone can listen in. Smart notifications mean leaders make an impact in 10 minutes a week.
Connect directly and broadly
Employees initiate discussions on topics that matter to them, fostering genuine dialogue. Listen, understand and respond to impact your culture from the bottom up.
Understand culture on the ground
View themes across your key demographics, plus sentiment and psychological safety metrics. And with Pulse, you can pose a question on any topic for real time, anonymous feedback.
Share culture with new joiners
Rungway means the conversation never stops. All advice is stored and searchable in your Rungway, so new joiners can start building their best career from day one.

At 4xi, and through our Explorers Innovation Directory, we are committed to curating a portfolio of innovations, technologies, products, and services that advance our client's and partners' operations, and ultimately the ability to drive the best possible client, consumer, and employee experiences.

To learn more about Rungway contact us today and we can set up an introductory exploration and you can learn why we believe this can add significant value no matter your business, sector, or industry.

Either DOWNLOAD an introduction to Rungway, or contact us today to learn more:

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