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#InsightsIn5: A Window to Your (Business) Soul

Operating dispersed locations, consistently and with the highest standards, is one of the hardest areas of management to properly facilitate. From a distance how do I know my operations are following the trained processes and procedures? Are they fulfilling brand standards, exceeding customer expectations, and operating efficiently?

So many of us hire an army of auditors, mystery shoppers, or rely on the District Manager to visit way too many sites, setting them and the company up for failure.

MyFieldAudits recognized this business problem and as such built their groundbreaking platform allowing businesses to see what is happening at every location, regardless of the size of the portfolio, or how far apart they are located.

How do they do it? Through a customizable set of protocols that facilitates the collection of data from the front line in every area of the business. All tailored to your precise operational goals, and brand requirements. Opening routines, team huddles, daily best practices, sharing of visual examples of standards of operation, key performance data - all rolled up in real time to give the executive leadership visibility, to every location across the country or the globe.

Further promoting their mission of visibility, MyFieldAudits has developed a Remote Inspection tool that has changed the way their clients do site visits - through the pandemic and beyond. The tool gives leadership and subject matter experts a seamless, structured way to tour facilities remotely while providing critical guidance and coaching to onsite teams.

While many attempted similar processes by pulling together multiple software applications, the simplicity and ease of MyFieldAudits is set to revolutionize the way multi-site operators do business.

As the present (and future) landscape demands greater oversight from more limited teams, the tool has proved an invaluable window into what’s really driving business.

“This heightened level of visibility allows insights across the portfolio, the DM can reduce their site visitation, reduce travel cost and improve standards, control, and operational outcomes. Organizations can create a top to front line visibility in real time enabling them to make quick decisions and drive a positive culture of success.”

The solution utilizes the experience across a wide range of clients, tried and tested functionality, audits and reports, but at the same time accommodates customization so the solution fits your own operations.

Imagine a window into your business, no matter where your operations are located: Dashboards that provide critical compliance data, performance metrics, customer satisfaction and a leaderboard that you can course correct or celebrate while continuing to build your brands success.

Whether in food service, the restaurant business, retail, or any dispersed customer centric business operation, MyFieldAudits can help you better manage your operations performance with less time and expense.

We can set up a demo of MyFieldAudits so you can begin operating your business from real time information and allow you to continually improve and transform your business operations.

Accessing the window to your businesses, in real time, and with full visibility has long been the nirvana for many business leaders - contact us now to learn more about how MyFieldAudits is revolutionizing the possibilities of managing dispersed operations today.

Contact us to learn more:

Let’s stay in touch, keep on sharing, helping and progressing and inspiring the future, together.


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