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Earth Day: See the ocean through my eyes!

Ocean Stories: See the ocean through my eyes!

by Mr. Kai Fish

As we celebrate Earth Day, we each have an opportunity to take time to reflect on the gifts we have been given; fresh air, bountiful harvests, mighty mountain ranges, dense forests, sweeping savannahs, and the seemingly perpetual bounty of the seas.

The magnificence of our little blue planet perched among the stars lends herself to hope eternal yet at times tears of chagrin as we have not taken care of her well.

Perhaps today, we can take a swim as a Fish and see the oceans through the watery peepers of Mr. Kai Fish, our guest speaker today. Mr. Fish and his friends harbor no judgment or ill will toward us, the inhabitants above who do not truly fathom the power of the ocean or her fragility but would love to be given a voice and to take you on a little trip through the sea.

See the ocean through my eyes!

The powerful East Australian Current sweeps deliciously warm water down the east coast of Australia where marine life like me abounds. With, coral reefs decorating the ocean floors and where we, the fish love to live, play, and sometimes hide. The current is our lifeblood and brings nutrients and food to all of us.

Did you know that the East Australia Current is pushed to the western edge of the ocean by the rotation of the Earth – cool huh?

I would love to tell you that the oceans are amazing all over the world, but sadly I cannot. You see, I, like many of my friends live in a dirty ocean and life is often so difficult. The water around me can be murky and polluted, with trash and debris floating everywhere. Sometimes it is hard to find clean water to breathe, and even harder to find food that hasn’t been contaminated by pollution.

I am a fish, so, I do swim a lot, and I love it but nowadays I am not so much on the move for fun but searching for any safe spots where I can rest and find nourishment. What humans do not understand is that pollution is not just large bits of plastic and junk floating on top of the ocean but are at all depts making it so difficult for me to find my way, and I cannot rely on my instincts and my sense of smell to navigate through the dangerous waters as easily anymore.

Polluted murky waters makes swimming so hard!

Despite the challenges, I would never give up because we all live in the same ecosystem, and we need each other, right? So, I continue to swim, searching for a better life and a cleaner environment but in that endless search I become weak, and weak makes me susceptible. You see predators are attracted to the polluted waters too by the scent of weak and sick fish like me. Now you have not just one species, but many species in one place, and all are at risk of ‘wipe-out’. Like a magnet to the deep, we all find ourselves losing the battle of life in these oxygen-depleted waters.

The other aspect of being me is that as time passes, I grow stronger and more resilient but not in a good way. I learn not to digest but to store the pollution and plastic in my little body which ‘you’ end up eating when I am on the menu. I have learned to adapt to the dirty ocean and find ways to survive but it shortens my life span and how many little fishy children I can have.

My family is getting smaller and smaller every year. I don’t want to be alone with no family or friends – that’s no fun!

One day, as I swam through the polluted waters, I came across some humans who were working to clean up the ocean. They were using nets to collect the debris and trash that had been littering the ocean, and I watched in amazement as the water around me began to clear.

As the water cleared, I could see other fish swimming alongside me, and I realized that I am not alone in my struggle. Together, we can work to create a cleaner, healthier ocean for all creatures to thrive in. I was so happy to see humans.

And so, as a fish in a dirty ocean, I have never given up hope and now you can be part of that hope with me. Now that you have seen the oceans through my eyes, can we work together for a better life for all those who share the polluted waters with me?

The oceans are so beautiful, so magical, and so full of life. We can heal; we can get better; we can evolve but we need YOU to make that happen. Will you help?

We can heal; we can get better; we can evolve. As the great writer and poet Kahlil Gibran quoted:

"In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans."


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