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Autodidactic: Genius or Sagacious?

The notion of being self-taught is nothing new. Learning without guidance and teachers has long been the world of the curious and inventive minds. The likes of Benjamin Franklin, one of our founding fathers, Mark Twain or Albert Einstein come to mind.

Intelligence and independence become one as the curious minds so flexible they can navigate the new without instruction and better still turn that learning into creative and wondrous thoughts and inventions.

AUTODIDACTIC: Adjective [ɑː.t̬oʊ.daɪˈdæk.t̬ɪk] Relating to someone learning by themselves, rather than being taught by a teacher.

SAGACIOUS: Adjective [səˈɡāSHəs] Having or showing keen mental discernment and good judgment; shrewd.

The constraint of traditional learning is housed in the very ease by which material is shared; structure, form, and lessons – one bit at a time is digested, and eventually those bits become lumps and lumps turn into cumulative learning. But?? Is this the best way to learn? We, as humans, need to learn and we need to absorb that learning in different ways. From visual learners to auditory, or those that ‘feel’ their way, we sure are a muddle of styles, types, and models. But one cornerstone exists amongst it all - that of self-learning by virtue of curiosity.

One cornerstone exists amongst it all - that of self-learning by virtue of curiosity.

Business is no different in so many ways. We open our doors and promote our wares. We navigate sales and marketing, international markets, introduce new products, services, or platforms. Yet throughout this journey of steps we are learning, adjusting, growing, improving and in short becoming our own teachers and guides. Business is both genius for its creativity and sagacious in its relentless pursuit of success. It is in our nature to explore and to learn

You only have to watch a toddler play endlessly as they investigate, build, and then destroy their creations to figure things out that self-learning is inherent in our DNA. We too, learn more effectively and I would argue more ‘usefully’ when we learn alone. The art of discernment for many is a gift that we yearn for. The ability to distinguish good from bad; useful versus frivolous; effective versus a fools’ errand are talents many of us would love to have in spades.

Time is precious and the older we get, the more we realize this finite fact. Choosing wisely therefore, to leverage the time we each have available to us becomes very important. Sagacity it seems encompasses the art of discernment and is both the way we choose to learn but in fact can be developed by the way we learn!

The art of discernment and is both the way we choose to learn but in fact can be developed by the way we learn!

Corporations and business are no different save that autodidactic learning is on a grander more complex platform. Companies learn by experiencing, processing, and sharing their experiences one unto another. Self-reflection in the form of blue sky and planning sessions; studying quietly via industry trends, reports and analyses give rise to knowing.

Perception and judgement allow us to engage with new content in novel and may I say, uniquely personal ways when a teacher or guide is absent. The brain is free to create neural pathways to creativity that are unfettered by translation through lessons, structure, and formalized learning. When we learn something new at the helm of an expert, we may see the wider or perhaps all-encompassing ways in which the subject matter may be useful, but the boundaries are set and limitations by the sheer form around the steps taken to delivering the subject matter prohibit expansion of thought.

Autodidactic learning is all your own. Do you want to gain discernment? Do you want to expand your horizons without limits, then consider self-learning!

Why is autodidactic important? Simple, the ‘how’ we learn bleeds into ‘how’ we solve problems; ‘how’ we create solutions; ‘how’ we engage with life, people teams and change! Yup, CHANGE! that ever-pervasive word that seems to be our best buddy at the moment. How we adapt to change hinges on our ability to discern information; the neural pathways that let us understand using investigative, exploratory, and maybe just plain ole’ ruminations that create all of us to a new world, a new path and to new ways to lead those around us into a new world!

Autodidactic is not just for geniuses but for we the people who are looking to make a difference at a time when we need to! Choose something unusual – choose a subject that leaves you puzzled and delve into it with passion knowing that your brain knows ‘di-exactly’ what to do!

Business is not just genius it is wonderfully sagacious too!



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