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4xi Launch TRUE NORTH© Strategic Partnerships & Growth Academy

San Francisco: 4th February 2022

Boutique consulting firm 4xi Global Consulting & Solutions launches what it terms as a transformative learning platform to help organizations win better, retain better business.

Leveraging more than 65 years of experience, 4xi’s Managing Partner, Simon Elliot, and Strategic Partnerships lead, Ed Snowden, have co-authored TRUE NORTH©.

The participative learning platform starts with organization purpose and finding the NORTH STAR, then moves to FUTURE FOCUS, then MarketMatch© - a process of identifying Ideal Client Characterization and Profiles, building your BUSINESS PLAN and then to the TRUE NORTH© workshop itself.

All in all, this is a comprehensive program that takes participants through a journey of deep self-reflection, and on to a documented charter for future direction and growth.

TRUE NORTH© focuses on guiding the learners to a new mindset which is essential to changing behaviors. It creates a learning journey to embrace the principles of Trust, Portfolio Management, Strategic Account Plans, Collaborative Solutioning, Architecture of Partnerships, and Growth Leadership.

In bite-sized pieces, the program is easily consumable for organizations and teams either through in-person live workshops or virtually.

“In this hyper-competitive world, organizations need to get better focused on how to build long-term, mutually beneficial strategic partnerships based on the foundations of trust.”

Commented Ed Snowden, Simon Elliot added,

“We’re excited to launch TRUE NORTH© as we believe it’s a game-changer. This isn’t a program to teach administrative tasks, but a learning platform designed to change and embed new behaviors to help organizations win better, retain better business.”

You can learn more about TRUE NORTH© at TRUE NORTH | 4xi Global (

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