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4xi Innovation Partner: Zan Compute - It Goes Beyond Clean, It's About Trust

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Safety and sanitation have become the watchwords in the ever-evolving sense of “place.” While always a priority, the pandemic has changed both employee and customer perceptions of cleanliness and safety.

Many great organizations such as Disney have long embedded the idea of safety throughout their organization – and giving it more than just cursory lip service. It truly is a part of their everyday work and exists not as a nice-to-have, but as the baseline standard when it comes to the employee, and guest experience.

That was the journey organizations embarked upon over a decade ago – how to go beyond platitudes to a true culture of safety where employees went home in the same shape they reported to work and where customers felt comfortable within the walls of a shop, store, or restaurant.

Then enter COVID-19 and the global pandemic that will continue to ripple through our collective consciousness for decades to come. This will continue to impact the workplace as employers grapple with team experience and the potential for bringing employees back to physical workspaces in varying forms in the coming year.

“We believe COVID will transition to an endemic state, potentially by 2024.”

- Nanette Cocero, Global President of Pfizer Vaccines

That’s a big change from the elimination strategy that existed early in the pandemic.

The expectation was that we would eradicate coronavirus completely, but now we are gearing up to accept it as a part of daily life, much like the annual flu or cold cycles to which we have become accustomed.

That shines a spotlight on the idea of sanitation within physical spaces that will be the price of entry when it comes to recruiting talent and retaining customers. After all, if you look at the hierarchy of needs, the ability to protect one’s health and safety is at the top of the heap. If you can’t guarantee that, nothing else really matters.

Zan Compute has long understood that clean = safe and reliable in the eyes of customers and employees.

When bathrooms, common areas, conference rooms, and workspaces are clean that creates a sense of wellbeing that extends across the entire hospitality and work experience.

"Zan Compute pioneered the idea of creating a Cleansparency, available in an easy-to-deploy technology that monitors the cleaning and disinfecting of any given area."
SAFETY: is the ability for a customer or employee being able to scan a QR code and see the details of the cleaning and safety standards in place – allowing them to know that they are in good hands when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing.  This not only gives peace of mind to enjoy the space they are in, but it builds trust in your brand.  That is the building block of every relationship, just as cleaning is the foundation of hygiene.
QUALITY: is acheieved by creating an interactive relationship between building and “user.”  Whether you are a building occupant such as an employee for a tenant or a customer visiting a retail space or conference facility, you can provide real time feedback as well.  That same QR code that allowed you to see the cleaning schedule and validation will also allow you to leave feedback to the building management about the quality of the facilities.
PARTNERSHIPS: are created by the use of these types of “safe to enter” indicators, as well as a feedback loop, between building and user, and  helps customers to protect their own experience.  One of the outcomes of the pandemic was the increased comfort customers have with self-service – and this is an extension of this evolving consumer trend. 

As a building or facility manager, this creates a situation where all data points are measured in real-time. Not only can you determine the usage of space and tie that back to weather patterns, facility schedule, flight arrivals, and average daily traffic patterns, but you can also overlay the feedback from customers to create a labor and scheduling model that drives value and efficiency.

How does this impact the employee, customer, and occupant experience within a building or space?

  • Transparency with the cleaning and sanitizing process builds comfort, confidence, and trust with building occupants, and users.

  • Engaging building occupants in the feedback and monitoring process gives them a perceived sense of ownership in their experience.

  • Building pattern monitoring and space utilization tracking allows for proper people counting, occupancy levels, distancing, and labor scheduling.

The best part of all of this is that no matter what kind of data you want to collect, Zan Compute’s proprietary AI platform can integrate it to help you make the best decisions. And if you have holes in your data capture, such as traffic patterns, throughput, or occupancy levels, Zan can install the sensors you need to capture that information.

Zan also helps you ensure that you deliver on your sanitation, safety, and hygiene promises by ensuring that your customers never run out of the consumables that enable safety at a base level. Deploying smart restroom sensors and monitoring systems is key to delivering on this promise of dependability.

“94% of U.S. adults said they would avoid a business in the future if they experienced a dirty restroom.”

- Harris Interactive

It is hard to help your building occupants and visitors stay safe if they are out of soap, sanitizer, paper towels, or toilet tissue. Providing these products when needed helps your building occupants protect themselves against the spread of bacteria, disease, COVID-19, the flu, or whatever may come next.

You may have already brought your teams back to work or you may have it scheduled for early in the new year. You may be worried about the latest iteration of coronavirus or even looking further down the road to future health challenges.

We have entered a time when we must be ready for whatever health and safety obstacles come our way, and the basics such as handwashing and hand sanitizing will continue to be an important part of creating a culture of personal safety.

We look forward to discussing smart restroom technology, occupancy monitoring, or any of our technology-enabled solutions to improve the lives of your customers, clients, and building occupants.

Zan Compute: Safety | Efficiency | Visibility

To learn more about Zan Compute, contact us today and we can set up an introductory exploration and you can learn why we believe this can add significant value to your business and your customer experience.

At 4xi Global Consulting & Solutions, we’re dedicated to the quest of driving a better Human Experience (Hx), and exploring alternative ways to, operate better, be more efficient, and drive better experiences. To that end, we believe Zan Compute is the perfect solution to deliver an elevated occupant and visitor experience by driving efficiency and at the same time reducing cost.

DOWNLOAD information on Zan Compute set up a DEMO, or you can email us today to set up an introductory exploration at

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