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Tony Johnson wants you to deliver the BEST POSSIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. This book is the framework to help you CONSISTENTLY delight your Customers and Clients.

Each chapter is designed to deliver meaningful Customer service lessons that can be put into action QUICKLY for the good of your Customer and your business. A unique blend of best practices, common sense strategies, and real life examples, this book will help you lead and inspire your team.

Included this book are NUGGETS that will BENEFIT YOU such as:


  • The Secret to Being Visible, Available, and Absolutely Engaged in Your Day to Day Business.
  • The Fundamentals of Great Service and How to Inspire Your Team to Deliver Consistently and With Panache.
  • The Formula for Hiring and Training the Best Possible Team to Delight Your Customers.
  • How to See Innovation in the Everyday and Transform Your Organization into a POWERFUL and CUSTOMER CENTRIC Machine.
  • How to Keep Service Relevant TODAY and FAR into the FUTURE through Training, Development, and Leadership.

Recipe for Service

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