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Zan Compute: IoT - Show Me The ROI

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Customers love proof. Nothing cements a potential relationship more effectively than being able to demonstrate value and a return on investment.

We all remember when Tom Cruise was shouting “Show me the money” in the movie Jerry McGuire. It was that quintessential moment of proof rather than promises that every business has had to overcome.

Zan Compute is a great example of harnessing the power of case studies and storytelling to highlight their value in the marketplace. Anyone can make claims, but businesses that can utilize social proof, testimonials, and real-world examples are a powerful force in this competitive marketplace.

"92% of customers trust positive recommendations from others." (Nielson)

Think about the last time you were on an airplane. Travel has become more difficult with more friction points for customers than ever before – and couple that with the labor and product shortages that we are all working through, it adds another layer of complexity.

Friction points are anything that can impede an outstanding customer experience, and they are typically small moments that are neglected by businesses. A small dose of intentionality – fueled by practical technology – can go a long way toward removing hassles for customers and clients.

Going back to our airline example, there are key moments that can help smooth out the passenger journey.

Imagine you are trying to make a tight connection and as you visit a bathroom on the way to your next flight you find empty paper towels and soap – along with full trash receptacles and unhygienic facilities? It isn’t a pleasant thought, but we’ve all been there. It can make a stressful situation even worse.

This was exactly the situation that Zan encountered with a client when they implemented their Zanitor solution. Occupant Feedback Displays were installed at the exit of restrooms and allowed passengers to provide feedback for cleaning and maintenance conditions. The feedback was combined with sensor data collected from the paper dispensers and trash bins and processed in real-time.

The results tell the story of success (in this example):

  • 11,000+ alerts each month that otherwise would have gone unnoticed

  • 45 minutes of custodian time saved per employee each shift

  • $200,000 in labor savings annually

  • $70,000 in reduced consumable costs each year

Let’s look at another example.

Healthcare met unprecedented challenges over the past 2 years and was on the front line of the Covid-19 pandemic as it unfolded. This is a space where the stakes continue to increase and where consumer demands are higher than ever before.

Imagine you were visiting a hospital or doctor’s office and found that the bathrooms were neglected and dirty – how would that impact your confidence in the care you were about to receive?

Customers look at the small things when they make decisions on the overall trust they put in a company (or healthcare provider). The reason is that if the little details that you can see are well in hand, then the big stuff you can’t see likely is under control as well.

Zan also helps you ensure that you deliver on your sanitation, safety, and hygiene promises by ensuring that your customers never run out of the consumables that enable safety at a base level. Deploying smart restroom sensors and monitoring systems is key to delivering on this promise of dependability.

The more detail oriented an organization, the quicker they can build trust with their customers.”

One of the most common touchpoints within any business is the bathrooms, and healthcare is no exception.

Zan installed sensors within 2 hospitals to monitor garbage bins, toilet paper dispensers, paper towels, and soap. They also installed feedback displays and traffic sensors for occupancy monitoring.

The information that was collected and analyzed helped allocate resources and decrease operational costs. They found that one hospital had 38% more traffic than the other and that their traffic flow was concentrated within an 8-hour window. This is another benefit of space utilization tracking – the ability to understand your traffic flow in real-time.

"By capturing this data, and acting on the findings, there was the potential to increase labor efficiency by up to 83% and decrease paper waste by 24%."

These are the kinds of statistics that bring value to businesses and the end user – reduced labor expense, improved sustainability practices, higher productivity, and lower customer friction.

The office real estate space has seen dramatic evolution as the pandemic has stretched on. It has forced organizations to look at work in new ways and find innovative ideas to utilize their office space.

"Facilities management within a large commercial office space is expensive, complex, and often inefficient."

The square footage, consumables, and cost of labor make it a significant source of overhead to those in the real estate space.

Zan partnered with a large commercial office building to implement consumable monitoring, smart washroom sensors, and privacy-enabled traffic flow sensors within their spaces. This smart restroom monitoring system captured traffic patterns, created predictive maintenance schedules, and measured personal hygiene by correlating faucet and flush activations.

Not only was the company able to redeploy labor where it was needed and when it was needed, but they were also able to reduce their labor spend by 35% annually. Couple that with a 15% reduction in consumables and that led to over $900,000 in annualized savings.

This is all possible because not only does Zan Compute have the technology and capabilities to capture this data, but the tools and expertise to use it to make decisions

"Without context and the ability to layer in customer feedback in real-time, all the data in the world is meaningless."

This combination of world-class A.I., a predictive approach, and a team that can support you along the way is a true game-changer when it comes to implementing and sustaining a great experience for your clients and customers.

To learn more about Zan Compute and their Smart Bathroom Technology, contact us today to set up an introductory conversation. We believe this can add significant value to your business and your customer experience.

Connect and discuss how smart restroom technology, occupancy monitoring, or any of our technology-enabled solutions are designed to improve the lives of your customers, clients, and building occupants.

Zan Compute: Safety | Efficiency | Visibility

DOWNLOAD information on Zan Compute set up a DEMO, or you can email us today to set up an introductory exploration

At 4xi Global Consulting & Solutions, we’re dedicated to the quest of driving a better Human Experience (Hx) and exploring alternative ways to operate better, be more efficient, and drive better experiences. To that end, we believe Zan Compute is the perfect solution to deliver an elevated occupant and visitor experience by driving efficiency and at the same time reducing cost.

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