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TRUE NORTH: Your journey to retaining and winning better business

We know that growing your business can be difficult, and especially during these extraordinary times. We know that the day to day can sometimes get in the way of growth focus. We know that "phoning a friend" is a great way to grow, but what about when there's no-one left to call?

TRUE NORTH© has been created by 4xi Global Consulting & Solutions as a platform to take the guesswork out of growth - to add critical self-reflection, process, analysis, and science to your growth strategy and activities - helping you retain better, win better business and start you on your journey to strategic partnerships with your clients and prospects.

Created from many years of experience, TRUE NORTH takes you through the journey of why strategic partnerships are important, to understand more about your current and future Ideal Clients, and an onward look in building a culture of strategic behaviors that is less about administrative process and more about an action orientated focused on results - sustainable and profitable growth.

TRUE NORTH includes a series of practical exercises that once complete provide you with working tools that will help you and your team maintain focus on the things that matter:

CHAPTER 1: addresses partnership foundations including performance vs. trust, the hierarchy of trust, how the core behaviors of listening, learning, and understanding are fundamental, the partnership lifecycle, and the journey map.

CHAPTER 2: takes you through the critical process of self reflection, introducing the 5-Light Risk & Situational Assessment methodology, knowing your competition, and where you stand in the competitive landscape, and how data, information, and insights will give you a leading edge.

CHAPTER 3: focuses on your existing partnerships, partnership health, the principles of portfolio management, and critically takes you through the process of Ideal Client Characterization, Ideal Client Profiling, and Ideal Client Targeting.

CHAPTER 4: takes you onward through selling vs. solutions, packaging your proposition, translating your value, establishing your audience, building your pipeline, building your partnership plans, and charters, and your journey to growth.

A Strategic Approach to Growth

It's critically important to address the fundamentals of what you do and what is your value proposition, and why its important to your clients and prospects. Often is the case that this is lost or blurred with the passage of time, and should always be a keen focus for organizations, no matter their specialty, industry, or sector.

Mapping out your Client Characteristics through the lens of the key to the future is often revealed in the past. Where do you excel today? What geographies, what sectors, what type of relationships, services, what contract terms?, and more. This exercise will not only reveal where your strengths and weaknesses are today, but where your opportunities exist for future development.

Many organizations can get sucked into answering opportunities in the moment, chasing RFP's, shiny objects that may not be necessarily the best fit for your business. You make a significant investment in your growth resources - put the guardrails in place to help them retain better, win better business.

Then once you have your Prime Target Clients, craft a tailor made Prime Target Strategy, and Engage in meaningful and mutually attractive and beneficial dialog in the knowledge that your insights maximize your chances of success.

TRUE NORTH gives you the lasting framework to instill a culture of success, drive repeatable behaviors and actions that will in turn maximize your investment in growth, minimize wasted sales efforts, chasing rainbows, and optimize your effectiveness as a business to retain better, win better business.

But what does that mean to my organization?

Take a look at your existing business and growth performance and as you think about transformation to strategic growth and partnerships, as you better align and drive appreciated value to clients, then consider the following and how it would impact your business:

  • What does each +1% retention improvement mean to your business?

  • What does each +1% profit improvement mean?

  • Each +10% advancement in conversion ratios?

  • What does each wasted sales pursuit cost your business?

  • What if you advanced your average deal size, by each +10%?

  • What if you improved your growth performance by each +1%?

If you do the math on your particular circumstances and where you are today, even at the minimum level of performance improvement, the impact is substantial.

The TRUE NORTH Innovation & Growth Academy is a 3-to-6-month engagement. Think about it as engaging with a fractional Chief Growth Officer that assesses your current growth function, and through a series of steps and applying the TRUE NORTH methodology including self-reflection and analysis, installs the methodology for long term success.

To learn more about TRUE NORTH and how we can help your business advance on your Journey to Strategic Partnership, check out our website or email us at

We look forward to working with you on your journey to the future.

Inspiring the future, together.


4xi Global Workplace Consulting & Solutions provides a range of services to support Corporations, Service Providers, Innovators, and Accelerators to navigate the world of work. Inspiring the future of work, together.

4xi is proud to be Chair of WORKTECH Academy for North America and a member of its Leadership Advisory Board. 4xi is a Global Ambassador for WORKTECH Academy.

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