4xi Meet the Team: Peter Elden

4xi Global Consulting & Solutions is delighted to welcome Peter Elden to our team following an exemplary career in the construction industry, and more recently in the facilities strategy and solutions space, delivering consulting, solutions, innovations, and technologies that ultimately drive a a better work experience, and impact the world of work for GOOD!

Welcome Peter, and thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Q1. Where are you from?

PE: I was born in Long Island NY and grew up in Westchester County, New Rochelle.

Q2. Where do you live now?

PE: San Francisco, in the Marina District of the City. I feel privileged having the ability to leave my home and right outside, on my doorstep, being able to get a good workout with incredible views whether it be running, biking, hiking - all great. Also being in walking distance of some of the country's most amazing and diverse restaurants is a BIG plus!

Q3. What was your journey to 4xi?

PE: I left Sodexo in July 2020. My former colleague, Ann McNally joined the 4xi team and referred me to the business. 4xi has compiled a global team of professionals with a multitude of experience that can provide significant support and positive impact to organizations. Simon and Barbara have done great work in forming the team, and I am super excited to join the 4xi team.

Q4. What do you see into the future of the world of work?

PE: Organizations will need to do greater analysis of their business, where its going, and determining how the employe