4xi: Meet the Team: Jackie Cupper

Jackie Cupper joins the 4xi team following an illustrious career earning the rightful position of figurehead in the IFM industry. Over the past four decades, Jackie has been a champion of data and science behind business decisions, the imperative of driving the consumer experience, and the advancement of women leaders across the world of food and facilities management.

An award-winning senior leader with a proven history of success building board-level strategies that drive performance improvements in complex landscapes across the global arena. By combining 40 years’ experience with a deep knowledge of business development, commercial viability, and innovation. Jackie supports organizations to guide seamless change journeys and ensure operational excellence in regulated markets.

As a passionate leader and trusted advisor, Jackie has inspired large, multi-cultural teams across geographies to deliver significant restructuring initiatives and fostered strong relationships to mentor, empower, and engage individuals along the way. By leveraging significant consultancy expertise and corporate experience she has managed continuous improvement, strategic reviews, quality, customer/employee satisfaction levels, and delivered exponential market-share and revenue growth.

Key career achievements and highlights include:

  • Nominated as FTSE 100 Top 100 Women to Watch in 2015 for major contributions to industry.

  • Instrumental in the transformation of global workplace service design, change management, and soft FM services and development of a customer-orientated strategy roll-out at GSK.

  • Served as a global council member for LGBT+ and Inclusion and Diversity Councils to pioneer facilities work in the transgender community.

  • Recipient of Best Brand award at national sector awards and personally voted Top 100 Influential Women in the Hospitality Industry.


Q1: Where do you live?

Dorset in the South West of England. A rural and coastal county with an amazing food heritage.

Q2: What was your journey to 4xi?

After a career in Hospitality and FM, the opportunity to redirect my work to be about subjects that I love and am good at and with people that I like was too good to miss! As I left GSK to do this I met with my ex-colleagues Simon Elliot and Barbara Boden, liked their vision, felt I could add value and agreed to work with 4xi Consulting focussing on workplace experience from an IFM perspective with a strong dose of retail hospitality – commercially aligned service which inspires the workplace.

Q3: What’s your favorite holiday destination?

Tough one! Probably the Greek Island of Kephalonia – small, simple lifestyle, beautiful countryside, and great beaches. Returning for the third time in September.

Q4: Desert Island Discs: What’s your top 3 music artists?

Another tough one – Luther Vandross, Ed Sheeran and can I cheat with any Motown artist? That’s more than 3!!

Q5: Desert Island Food: What’s your top 3 cuisines or foods?

Easy one – Contemporary European, Authentic Chinese, Mexican not necessarily in that order.

Q6: If you were invited to a dinner party of 10, who would you invite, alive or dead?

Just ten? Oprah, Maya Angelou, Barack Obama, Ed Sheeran, my maternal grandmother, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Richard Branson, John Kotter, Princess Anne. A bit male-dominated but my grandmother punched above her weight as does Oprah!

Q7: What are the top 3 most important things to think about in the future of work right now?

The holistic experience– environments that support productivity and engagement, services that support home life balance, leadership which inspires. The order will vary by organization but they are unequivocally joined.

Q8: Who is the most influential person, leader, icon, colleague in your career to date?

Can’t name them publicly but a leader who was 100% focussed on profit through people and who invested in the latter to excel at the former.

Q9: If you could change one thing, anything, what would it be?

That all people would be kind in every aspect of their lives.

Q10: Describe your best consumer experience ever, and why it stands out?

When I stayed in Philadelphia for business, I chose to stay at a hotel near to my old neighborhood. Independently owned and very old school but close to all the places we used to visit when we lived there.

On one occasion when I was checking in for the first time in a year the receptionist handed me my key and said ‘we have a parcel for you Mrs. Cupper’ I was pretty sure it was not for me but when I opened the bag she gave me it was a suit jacket I had left at the hotel a year before!

Not only had I not realised (too many clothes!!) but they had saved it for my return for a year.

30 minutes later when still running through how amazed I was they sent a half bottle of Merlot and a cheese and fruit tray to my room to welcome me back as I had not been there for a while and was a frequent guest previously!

Just made me feel valued, cared for, and safe.

Q11. Tell us something that most people don’t know about you?

I used to belong to the British Show Jumping Association and show jump (obviously) My horse was stabled at the yard of the world’s leading showjumper at that time so enjoyed super care.

Q12. If you support a charity, what is it and why?

I am currently doing the Marsden Marathon for The Royal Marsden Hospital Cancer Charity. I had kidney cancer 5 years ago and underwent surgery to remove a 14lb tumour and my left kidney. Here is the link to my fundraising page: Every penny/cent helps!

Q13. If you could live in any book, what would it be?

Swallows and Amazons – written by Arthur Ransome in 1930 and a story about the adventures of some children in a world much simpler than it is today. Made a compelling TV series in the UK too! Childhood favourite! Currently – loved Becoming by Michelle Obama.

Q14. If you could have superpowers, what would they be?

Invisibility – for when I just don’t want to be there and when I don’t want to be seen to be there! Think about how much you could fix with the complete story and truth. White House and the UK parliament my first stops!

Q15. What are your passions and why?

Being able to help others in their careers and lives in a way I have been helped – paying it forward to add value in whatever way I can to those I can. I should also mention Plan B and my role as a mentor for Plan B for Hospitality and joint founder of Plan B for FM with Liz Kentish of Kentish and Co. Both with the aim of getting women into senior leadership roles and onto boards.

Q16. If you could offer one piece of advice around the future of work, then what would that be?

Use good quality data and old-fashioned curiosity and common sense. It’s the way people behave that determines what they need not what they say. When we show people that the conversation becomes richer then boundaries and myths can be overcome.

Thanks, Jackie, and good luck with the marathon and the fundraising!

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